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Meet Our Anglers
Thomas Engert
Birthday27 January 1960
LikesPower fishing
Bucket List
Personal BestLargemouth Bass 4.85lb (2.2kg)    
Smallmouth Bass 2.42lb (1.1kg)

Competition fishing started at 12years of age.

Vice Champion of Europe Coarse-fishing, 2 times Bronze Team WC BASS.

Individual WC Title Predator Boat with Artificial Lures 2014 in France with M. Ptacovsky

Chief Rep for French Fishing Company Sensas in Germany for more than 20 years.

Mara Stols Entered SALTBAA NORTH WEST LEAGUE 2021/2022
Welcome to Mara Stols
Francois Riekert Entered SALTBAA NORTH WEST LEAGUE 2021/2022
Jacques S Entered SALTBAA NORTH WEST LEAGUE 2021/2022
Kyle Stols Entered SALTBAA NORTH WEST LEAGUE 2021/2022
Welcome to Kyle Stols
Craig Doyle Entered EPSAA 2021/2022 FV League Season
Gerhard Coetzee Entered SABAA Eastern Cape 2021/22 Regionals
Welcome to Gerhard Coetzee
Petrus Jansen Van Vuuren Entered RPA club comp STEYNS 3 Oct
Christian Duvenage Entered RPA club comp STEYNS 3 Oct
Nadim Goolam Entered KZNRFBAU Trails October 2021
Welcome to Nadim Goolam
Welcome to Christian Duvenage
Sachin Roopan Entered KZNRFBAU Trails October 2021