National Annual Small Craft SABAA Registration

Tournament Details
NameNational Annual Small Craft SABAA Registration
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
VenueAll Venues
Number of Competitions1
How many Competitions will count1
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
# Teams to count towards team points0
Start Time07:00:00
End Time16:00:00
Tournament Tiebreakers1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2022-01-01
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsLeagueNA
expression=(numfish * pntspecies) + (numdead * pntdead) + (numshort * pntshort) + (numpenalty * pntpenalty) + (valweight * pntweight) + (vallen * pntlen)
Small Craft=100
Tournament Information

Registeration Fee R100

Entry #NameLeagueNAANGLER1
1Weigh MastersSmall CraftWeigh Masters
2Barend BrandSmall CraftBarend Brand
3Charles PitoutSmall CraftCharles Pitout
4Dylan WillemseSmall CraftDylan Willemse
5Timothy ErasmusSmall CraftTimothy Erasmus
6Coenie FourieSmall CraftCoenie Fourie
7Craig AustinSmall CraftCraig Austin
8Martin SlabberSmall CraftMartin Slabber
9Malcolm PalmerSmall CraftMalcolm Palmer
10Michael EksteenSmall CraftMichael Eksteen
11Thomas Du PreezSmall CraftThomas Du Preez
12Julian CoetzeeSmall CraftJulian Coetzee
13Anne LandmanSmall CraftAnne Landman
14Alan TonkinSmall CraftAlan Tonkin
15Michael AndreasenSmall CraftMichael Andreasen
16Ruan MooreSmall CraftRuan Moore
17Henry HerrmannSmall CraftHenry Herrmann
18Chase LoeveSmall CraftChase Loeve
19Blane HorsleySmall CraftBlane Horsley
20Derek BestelSmall CraftDerek Bestel
21Brian SteynSmall CraftBrian Steyn
22Juan PretoriusSmall CraftJuan Pretorius
23Robbie VeressSmall CraftRobbie Veress
24Wern J Van MolendorffSmall CraftWern J Van Molendorff
25Rudi HerrmannSmall CraftRudi Herrmann
26Robbie KrauseSmall CraftRobbie Krause
27Jayson GovenderSmall CraftJayson Govender
28Chris CullenSmall CraftChris Cullen
29Manus ErasmusSmall CraftManus Erasmus
30Jonathan WillsSmall CraftJonathan Wills
31Nicholas VincentSmall CraftNicholas Vincent
32Tyrone LeechSmall CraftTyrone Leech
33Brennan Van AsSmall CraftBrennan Van As
34Sean CoomerSmall CraftSean Coomer
35Liam O'connellSmall CraftLiam O'connell
36Freddy LandmanSmall CraftFreddy Landman
37Lyle FellSmall CraftLyle Fell
38Connor KorevaarSmall CraftConnor Korevaar
39Jakobus(koos) BronkhorstSmall CraftJakobus(koos) Bronkhorst
40Alan WSmall CraftAlan W
41Liam O’connellSmall CraftLiam O’connell
42Tjaart FourieSmall CraftTjaart Fourie
43Marc NelSmall CraftMarc Nel
44Brent HorsleySmall CraftBrent Horsley
45Tristan Jansen Van RensburgSmall CraftTristan Jansen Van Rensburg
46Murray CowieSmall CraftMurray Cowie
47Wayne FarmerSmall CraftWayne Farmer
48Dave WhealSmall CraftDave Wheal
49Brett SchreinerSmall CraftBrett Schreiner
50Tertia De KockSmall CraftTertia De Kock
51Bradley PitcherSmall CraftBradley Pitcher
52Sean KirbySmall CraftSean Kirby
53Clifford NelSmall CraftClifford Nel
54Marco VisserSmall CraftMarco Visser
55Phillip DreyerSmall CraftPhillip Dreyer
56Jason StockdaleSmall CraftJason Stockdale
57Bevan AinslieSmall CraftBevan Ainslie
58Rynhard Du PlessisSmall CraftRynhard Du Plessis
59Daniel Du PlessisSmall CraftDaniel Du Plessis
60Daniel FarmerSmall CraftDaniel Farmer
61Denzil GoodmanSmall CraftDenzil Goodman
62Isobel WillSmall CraftIsobel Will
63Deon BrownSmall CraftDeon Brown
64PieterSmall CraftPieter
65Jedd BrownSmall CraftJedd Brown
66Nicholas RadleySmall CraftNicholas Radley
67Steven NelSmall CraftSteven Nel
68SP NelSmall CraftSP Nel
69Jan Daniel HumanSmall CraftJan Daniel Human
70Kurt RetterSmall CraftKurt Retter
71Michael MorrisSmall CraftMichael Morris
72Christian SutherlandSmall CraftChristian Sutherland
73Jayden AylwardSmall CraftJayden Aylward
74Connor LeatSmall CraftConnor Leat
75Dean MitchellSmall CraftDean Mitchell
76Mark LaurensSmall CraftMark Laurens
77Shaun JohnstonSmall CraftShaun Johnston
78Jh StoltzSmall CraftJh Stoltz
79Luke McmenemeySmall CraftLuke Mcmenemey
80Hanro LootsSmall CraftHanro Loots
81Craig CrossmanSmall CraftCraig Crossman
82Deon RossouwSmall CraftDeon Rossouw
83Sarah CrossmanSmall CraftSarah Crossman
84Liam PelserSmall CraftLiam Pelser
85Fritz DippenaarSmall CraftFritz Dippenaar
86Werner du ToitSmall CraftWerner du Toit
87Riaan EngelbrechtSmall CraftRiaan Engelbrecht
88Hendrik BrandSmall CraftHendrik Brand
89Leon CraigSmall CraftLeon Craig
90Anton ScholtzSmall CraftAnton Scholtz
91Bernard JoubertSmall CraftBernard Joubert
92Michael CooperSmall CraftMichael Cooper
93Bradley CooperSmall CraftBradley Cooper
94Jaco De WitSmall CraftJaco De Wit
95Dion ViljoenSmall CraftDion Viljoen
96Jc SmitSmall CraftJc Smit
97Peter De BarrosSmall CraftPeter De Barros
98Dean Van HuyssteenSmall CraftDean Van Huyssteen
99Neels BruwerNeels Bruwer
100Webster GeekieSmall CraftWebster Geekie
101Greg HoySmall CraftGreg Hoy
102Andrew IgguldenSmall CraftAndrew Iggulden
103Bruce TurnerSmall CraftBruce Turner
104Travis O'connellSmall CraftTravis O'connell
105Keegan OlsenSmall CraftKeegan Olsen
106Ivan IzattSmall CraftIvan Izatt
107Billy HenstockSmall CraftBilly Henstock
108Devon HuxtableSmall CraftDevon Huxtable
109Jacques MccarthySmall CraftJacques Mccarthy
110Xander MccarthySmall CraftXander Mccarthy
111Roy Douglas HenrySmall CraftRoy Douglas Henry
112Kelvin BevisSmall CraftKelvin Bevis
113Michael NelSmall CraftMichael Nel
114Tyron Van HeerdenSmall CraftTyron Van Heerden
115Keagan StevensonSmall CraftKeagan Stevenson
116Lemarc OgleSmall CraftLemarc Ogle
117Byron MostertSmall CraftByron Mostert
118Richard ChapmanSmall CraftRichard Chapman
119Seth PulkerSmall CraftSeth Pulker
120Josh01jvr Jansen Van RensburgSmall CraftJosh01jvr Jansen Van Rensburg
121Willie DuvenhageSmall CraftWillie Duvenhage
122Dean CanoSmall CraftDean Cano
123Stephen TurnerSmall CraftStephen Turner
124Thomas WoodSmall CraftThomas Wood
125Shiraz JogeeSmall CraftShiraz Jogee
126Anton Van TonderSmall CraftAnton Van Tonder
127Wesley DaySmall CraftWesley Day
128Richard BlairSmall CraftRichard Blair
129Adrian RaathSmall CraftAdrian Raath
130Ruan MaraisSmall CraftRuan Marais
131Stefanus BronkhorstSmall CraftStefanus Bronkhorst
132Damon Luke McgraneSmall CraftDamon Luke Mcgrane
133Reich Johan LateganSmall CraftReich Johan Lategan
134Monique LateganSmall CraftMonique Lategan
135Ricco SmitSmall CraftRicco Smit
136Franco SmallSmall CraftFranco Small
137Flip JoubertSmall CraftFlip Joubert
138George NewhamSmall CraftGeorge Newham
139Joshua EdmondsonSmall CraftJoshua Edmondson
140Liezl JacobsSmall CraftLiezl Jacobs
141Marius de VilliersSmall CraftMarius de Villiers
142Michael PincusSmall CraftMichael Pincus
143Brandon KotzeSmall CraftBrandon Kotze
144Leon StoneSmall CraftLeon Stone
145Bryan LerouxSmall CraftBryan Leroux
146Chad Van Der SpuySmall CraftChad Van Der Spuy
147Adriaan VenterSmall CraftAdriaan Venter
148Charmaine NaudeSmall CraftCharmaine Naude
149Liam KempSmall CraftLiam Kemp
150Allan CooperSmall CraftAllan Cooper
151Cameron DoldSmall CraftCameron Dold
152Cody MortimerSmall CraftCody Mortimer
153Herman GouwsSmall CraftHerman Gouws
154Duane FranklinSmall CraftDuane Franklin
155Jacques SwartzSmall CraftJacques Swartz
156Philla BouwerSmall CraftPhilla Bouwer
157Ross SherwoodSmall CraftRoss Sherwood
158Roy De WetSmall CraftRoy De Wet
159Vlok BauermeisterSmall CraftVlok Bauermeister
160NicoSmall CraftNico
161Ninette RoosSmall CraftNinette Roos
162Johannes ZaaymanSmall CraftJohannes Zaayman
163Paul Van WykSmall CraftPaul Van Wyk
164Frik RoosSmall CraftFrik Roos
165Daniel BothaSmall CraftDaniel Botha
166Ameer KhaderSmall CraftAmeer Khader
167Ivan HornSmall CraftIvan Horn
168Luyken V. NiekerkSmall CraftLuyken V. Niekerk
169Ryan JohnsonSmall CraftRyan Johnson
170Ronin HarrisSmall CraftRonin Harris
171Johanna (Aka Hannetjie) CooperSmall CraftJohanna (Aka Hannetjie) Cooper
172Paul WhiteSmall CraftPaul White
173Gerhard HerrmannSmall CraftGerhard Herrmann
174Shaun MeyerSmall CraftShaun Meyer
175Charl De KlerkSmall CraftCharl De Klerk

Tournament was created by : Weigh Masters