EPSAA 2021/2022 FV League Season

Tournament Details
NameEPSAA 2021/2022 FV League Season
CountrySouth Africa
Province Eastern Province
Number of Competitions8
How many Competitions will count8
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
# Teams to count towards team points0
Start Time06:30:00
End Time14:30:00
Tournament Tiebreakers1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2021-12-04
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
expression=(numfish * pntspecies) + (numdead * pntdead) + (numshort * pntshort) + (numpenalty * pntpenalty) + (valweight * pntweight) + (vallen * pntlen)
Algoa Bay
Cape St Francis
PO Angling
Port Alfred
St Croix
Surf Marine
Tournament Information

EPSAA 2021/2022 FV League Season

Tournament Rules

As per EPSAA fixed venue rules & Covid-19 angling regulations


Andre Stevens

Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1
1Andre StevensPo AnglingAndre Stevens
2Stephen WilsonSt CroixStephen Wilson
3Ryan BowlesNautilusRyan Bowles
4Lionel McdougallSt CroixLionel Mcdougall
5Jacques OelofseVolkswagenJacques Oelofse
6Roland CunninghamNautilusRoland Cunningham
7Elmar MeiringNautilusElmar Meiring
8Dieter FietzeSt CroixDieter Fietze
9Sonja KeunPo AnglingSonja Keun
10Andy KeunPo AnglingAndy Keun
11Anton MombergVolkswagenAnton Momberg
12Leroy JohnstonSt CroixLeroy Johnston
13Gerhard SnymanNautilusGerhard Snyman
14Eugene OwenSt CroixEugene Owen
15Julian WestraadtVolkswagenJulian Westraadt
16Timothy Du PlessisSt CroixTimothy Du Plessis
17Heinrich Johann Coertze VolkswagenHeinrich Coertze Johann
18Roy Van NiekerkSt CroixRoy Vanniekerk
19Jeandre WestraadtVolkswagenJeandre Westraadt
20Duane ErasmusSt CroixDuane Erasmus
21Tylo StoltzVolkswagenTylo Stoltz
22Dale EsselaarSt CroixDale Esselaar
23Darren van der MerweSt CroixDarren Van Der Merwe
24Jason StoltzVolkswagenJason Stoltz
25Mondre Saayman VolkswagenMondre Saayman
26Nathan BroedeletSt CroixNathan Broedelet
27Andre Mac DonaldSt CroixAndre Mac Donald
28Gary StevensSt CroixGary Stevens
29Morne ElsVolkswagenMorne Els
30Werner WestraadtVolkswagenWerner Westraadt
31Helen PotgieterVolkswagenHelen Potgieter
32Daniel BrownSt CroixDaniel Brown
33Bianca ClaassenNautilusBianca Claassen
34Rautie RautenbachVolkswagenRautie Rautenbach
35Michael HymanSt CroixMichael Hyman
36Jacques SchoemanVolkswagenJacques Schoeman
37Byron KeysSt CroixByron Keys
38Josh TimmPort AlfredJosh Timm
39Dewald KappCape St FrancisDewald Kapp
40Gerhard GusePort AlfredGerhard Guse
41Noel SkinnerCape St FrancisNoel Skinner
42Johan RautenbachVolkswagenJohan Rautenbach
43Wayne RudmanVolkswagenWayne Rudman
44Deon VersterCape St FrancisDeon Verster
45Johan KrugerCape St FrancisJohan Kruger
46Jacques MatthysenPort AlfredJacques Matthysen
47Eben MatthysenPort AlfredEben Matthysen
48Bruce StoltzVolkswagenBruce Stoltz
49Branden McphersonVolkswagenBranden Mcpherson
50Mark KaplenSt CroixMark Kaplen
51Jaco CoertzeVolkswagenJaco Coertz
52Fanie Van RooyenSt CroixFanie Van Rooyen
53Lawrence Hermanus HayesVolkswagenLawrence Hermanus Hayes
54Peter DowieCape St FrancisPeter Dowie
55Benjamin HipkinSt CroixBenjamin Hipkin
56Angelique JansenPoliceAngelique Jansen
57Deon Van DykPoliceDeon Van Dyk
58Francois JansenPoliceFrancois Jansen
59Ray-vaughn EllisPoliceRay-vaughn Ellis
60Kevin KeunVolkswagenKevin Keun
61Hendrikus Von BergPoliceHendrikus Von Berg
62Gavin O'MooreCape St FrancisGavin O'moore
63Peter RademeyerGreenbushesPeter Rademeyer
64Jason RademeyerGreenbushesJason Rademeyer
65Wallie StroebelGreenbushesWallie Stroebel
66Keith SpindlerGreenbushesKeith Spindler
67Jordan TheronGreenbushesJordan Theron
68Reiner Von Der MarwitzGreenbushesReiner Von Der Marwitz
69Maarten MolenaarGreenbushesMaarten Molenaar
70Ian WedderburnGreenbushesIan Wedderburn
71Jamie HamillGreenbushesJamie Hamill
72William WedderburnGreenbushesWilliam Wedderburn
73Shaun CavanaghCape St FrancisShaun Cavanagh
74Kian TimmerCape St FrancisKian Timmer
75Kevin VermeulenCape St FrancisKevin Vermeulen
76Michael DumbrisPo AnglingMichael Dumbris
77Tian BeukesGreenbushesTian Beukes
78Ronald FieldSt CroixRonald Field
79Bonita ErasmusVolkswagenBonita Erasmus
80Bennie SaaymanCape St FrancisBennie Saayman
81Riaan Van Der MerweGreenbushesRiaan Van Der Merwe
82Duncan GroblerCape St FrancisDuncan Grobler
83Theo HerbstCape St FrancisTheo Herbst
84Raymond GouwsPo AnglingRaymond Gouws
85Hugo ScheepersPoliceHugo Scheepers
86Greg EversSt CroixGreg Evers
87Ethan Janse Van RensburgPort AlfredEthan Janse Van Rensburg
88Monique Janse Van RensburgPort AlfredMonique Janse Van Rensburg
89Thomas BeckettNautilusThomas Beckett
90Jaco Du PlessisSurf MarineJaco Du Plessis
91Keith Du PlessisSt CroixKeith Du Plessis
92Edward MccarthyNautilusEdward Mccarthy
93Elroy Van WykSurf MarineElroy Van Wyk
94Noel CeriniSt CroixNoel Cerini
95Stephen BehrCape St FrancisStephen Behr
96Michael BellisCape St FrancisMichael Bellis
97Fransjohan EngelbrechtCape St FrancisFransjohan Engelbrecht
98Christiaan MatheyCape St FrancisChristiaan Mathey
99Johannes Jacobus van ZylCape St FrancisWhitey Van Zyl
100Herman StewartCape St FrancisHerman Stewart
101Franscois BothaVolkswagenFranscois Botha
102Monique JonckVolkswagenMonique Jonck
103Anton BotesCape St FrancisAnton Botes
104Charles MeyerVolkswagenCharles Meyer
105Alta Du PreezAlgoa BayAlta Du Preez
106Waldo BekkerAlgoa BayWaldo Bekker
107Schalk BernardoNautilusSchalk Bernardo
108Riaan Vosloo VolkswagenRiaan Vosloo
109Donovan DorflingVolkswagenDonovan Dorfling
110Johan CoertzeVolkswagenJohan Coertze
111Neels PotgieterVolkswagenNeels Potgieter
112Armand Du PreezAlgoa BayArmand Du Preez
113Mighael BarnhoornGreenbushesMighael Barnhoorn
114Pieter BarnhoornGreenbushesPieter Barnhoorn
115Annetjie Van Der PoelPo AnglingAnnetjie Van Der Poel
116Abe Van Der PoelPo AnglingAbe Van Der Poel
117Wynand DeyzelNautilusWynand Deyzel
118Shane WebbGreenbushesShane Webb
119Caleb WebbGreenbushesCaleb Webb
120Ryno BekkerAlgoa BayRyno Bekker
121Christopher KortePort AlfredChristopher Korte
122Darian KeetonPort AlfredDarian Keeton
123Wesley RenkenPort AlfredWesley Renken
124Heinrich Janse Van RensburgPort AlfredHeinrich Janse Van Rensburg
125Francois EngelbrechtCape St FrancisFrancois Engelbrecht
126Cuan WrightGreenbushesCuan Wright
127Victor ComleySt CroixVictor Comley
128Dandre Van HeerdenVolkswagenDandre Van Heerden
129Eddie RudmanCape St FrancisEddie Rudman
130Martin JupinPo AnglingMartin Jupin
131Kyle HewettGreenbushesKyle Hewett
132Gareth WrightGreenbushesGareth Wright
133Phillip OppermanGreenbushesPhillip Opperman
134Ross BartlettPort AlfredRoss Bartlett
135Simon BurtonGreenbushesSimon Burton
136Andrew Du ToitPort AlfredAndrew Du Toit
137Craig Du ToitPort AlfredCraig Du Toit
138Riaan MaasCape St FrancisRiaan Maas
139Jacque HelmCape St FrancisJacque Helm
140Andre PoisatPoliceAndre Poisat
141Jonathan ChildsGreenbushesJonathan Childs
142Ian ReynoldsPort AlfredIan Reynolds
143Thomas MolenaarGreenbushesTom Molenaar
144Charl ThysseSurf MarineCharl Thysse
145Morne HarrisSt CroixMorne Harris
146Kenneth KirtonNautilusKenneth Kirton
147George VermaakPoliceGeorge Vermaak
148Hendrik Johannes De BeerPoliceHendrik Johannes De Beer
149Kimberly SnymanPoliceKimberly Snyman
150Michael BoschPoliceMichael Bosch
151Wickus SwanepoelPoliceWickus Swanepoel
152Monre Van AsPoliceMonre Van As
153Graham ReynoldsPort AlfredGraham Reynolds
154Ferdie BothaPort AlfredFerdie Botha
155Wesley De KlerkGreenbushesWesley De Klerk
156Tyron Du PreezSt CroixTyron Du Preez
157Stephan FerreiraGreenbushesStephan Ferreira
158Phillip SnymanPolicePhillip Snyman
159Lance DaniellGreenbushesLance Daniell
160Jarred Van NiekerkGreenbushesJarred Van Niekerk
161Christopher James LiebenbergGreenbushesChristopher James Liebenberg
162Andre DaniellGreenbushesAndre Daniell
163Henrico HelmCape St FrancisHenrico Helm
164Nico ConradieSt CroixNico Conradie
165Conrad Van VuurenCape St FrancisConrad Van Vuuren
166Alan PrinslooCape St FrancisAlan Prinsloo
167Shayne HarperCape St FrancisShayne Harper
168Lester AlexanderCape St FrancisLester Alexander
169Donovan PickardGreenbushesDonovan Pickard
170Heinrich MeyerAlgoa BayHeinrich Meyer
171Milandre MeyerAlgoa BayMilandre Meyer
172Wouter PretoriusSurf MarineWouter Pretorius
173Clayton GoosenSurf MarineClayton Goosen
174Darren RudmanSurf MarineDarren Rudman
175Bryan SaundersSurf MarineBryan Saunders
176Juandre VenterSurf MarineJuandre Venter
177Terence DeanSurf MarineTerence Dean
178Jacques BarnardoPoliceJacques Barnardo
179Stefan BarnardSurf MarineStefan Barnard
180Louis Barnard Surf MarineLouis Barnard
181Van Zyl BothaSurf MarineVan Zyl Botha
182Neels Van Tonder Surf MarineNeels Van Tonder
183Jody HardimanSurf MarineJody Hardiman
184Gavin JacksonSurf MarineGavin Jackson
185Walter RoetsSurf MarineWalter Roets
186Vince SwartSurf MarineVince Swart
187Andre Du ToitSurf MarineAndre Du Toit
188Ruan Van Den HeeverSurf MarineRuan Van Den Heever
189Craig DoyleSt CroixCraig Doyle
190Stephen EdmundsSurf MarineStephen Edmunds
191Robert McgregorSurf MarineRobert Mcgregor
192Jacques FritzCape St FrancisJacques Fritz
193Sheldon Rawstron GreenbushesSheldon Rawstron
194Callie ViljoenCape St FrancisCallie Viljoen
195Eddie GroblerPo AnglingEddie Grobler
196Johan CronjeCape St FrancisJohan Cronje
197Riaan OosthuizenPoliceRiaan Oosthuizen
198Stefan OosthuizenPoliceStefan Oosthuizen
199Robert HeydenrychPoliceRobert Heydenrych
200De Wet StroebelGreenbushesDe Wet Stroebel
201Samuel GervaisSurf MarineSamuel Gervais
202Walter ShortSurf MarineWalter Short
203Nicolaai De Villiers GreenbushesNicolaai De Villiers
204Tiaan De VosPoliceTiaan De Vos
205Mark WissingCape St FrancisMark Wissing
206Scott KnightPort AlfredScott Knight
207Taryn BarnardPo AnglingTaryn Barnard
208Ben KeetonPort AlfredBen Keeton
209Arno NelSt CroixArno Nel
210Chris SnymanNautilusChris Snyman
211Darrin HuntSurf MarineDarrin Hunt
212Andrew MyersGreenbushesAndrew Myers
213Hanrich DeyzelNautilusHanrich Deyzel
214Jadri HurterGreenbushesJadri Hurter
215Brandon SteynGreenbushesBrandon Steyn
216Chad EvansGreenbushesChad Evans
217Paul Van JaarsveldNautilusPaul Van Jaarsveld
218Clint DelportSurf MarineClint Delport
219Stiaan SteynbergSurf MarineStiaan Steynberg
220Ronald RobersonSurf MarineRonald Roberson
221Rossouw NelCape St FrancisRossouw Nel
222Dean De ConingPort AlfredDean De Coning
223Janco WilkenSt CroixJanco Wilken
224Anthony DellGreenbushesAnthony Dell
225Johannes HanekomGreenbushesJohannes Hanekom
226Johan Van StadenGreenbushesJohan Van Staden
227Clinton BarendseGreenbushesClinton Barendse
228Daniel Van Der LindePort AlfredDaniel Van Der Linde
229Jesse BothaPort AlfredJesse Botha
230Zayne KlopperSurf MarineZayne Klopper
231Jerome MeyerPort AlfredJerome Meyer
232Rodney Van AsPoliceRodney Van As
233Elmarco MeiringNautilusElmarco Meiring
234Sven GregerSurf MarineSven Greger
235Alan Clive Le RouxSurf MarineAlan Clive Le Roux
236Tommie AdlamPoliceTommie Adlam
237Dylan BoothSt CroixDylan Booth
238Francois ThysseSurf MarineFrancois Thysse
239Gerhard CoetzeeSurf MarineGerhard Coetzee
240Jesse JonesSurf MarineJesse Jones
241Zandre DelportSurf MarineZandré Delport
242Paul GervaisSurf MarinePaul Gervais
243Nathan KyleSt CroixNathan Kyle
244Dale Gouveris GreenbushesDale Gouveris
245Hendrik BeauzecNautilusHendrik Beauzec
246Chester RawstronGreenbushesChester Rawstron
247Anthony BakerSurf MarineAnthony Baker
248Zanje HurterGreenbushesZanje Hurter
249Tiaan Van JaarsveldNautilusTiaan Van Jaarsveld
250Neale ComptonSurf MarineNeale Compton
251Ross OutramNautilusRoss outram
252Leadon PickardGreenbushesLeadon Pickard
253Dian PienaarSt CroixDian Pienaar
254Bronson Robert'sSurf MarineBronson Robert's
255Nathan RudmanSurf MarineNathan Rudman
256Nathan EversSt CroixNathan Evers
257Martin SwiegelaarSurf MarineMartin Swiegelaar
258Jacques Le RouxSurf MarineJacques Le Roux
259Eugene DeyzelSurf MarineEugene Deyzel
260Divan JacobsSt CroixDivan Jacobs
261Jeremy StobbsSt CroixJeremy Stobbs
262Tommy BeckettNautilusTommy Beckett
263Rikus Van AsNautilusRikus Van As
264Kamlin GovenderGreenbushesKamlin Govender
265Callie ViljoenCape St FrancisCallie Viljoen
266Brad GouverisGreenbushesBrad Gouveris
267Tiaan BernardoNautilusTiaan Bernardo
268Jc EllisSurf MarineJc Ellis

Tournament was created by : Andre Stevens