KZNCAU 2021-2022 Inter club Postal League

Tournament Details
NameKZNCAU 2021-2022 Inter club Postal League
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceKwaZulu Natal
VenuePostal Round 3
Number of Competitions6
How many Competitions will count6
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
# Teams to count towards team points0
Start Time18:00:00
End Time00:00:00
Tournament Tiebreakers1 Heaviest Bag - Not Linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2022-02-04
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsLeagueNA
expression=(numfish * pntspecies) + (numdead * pntdead) + (numshort * pntshort) + (numpenalty * pntpenalty) + (valweight * pntweight) + (vallen * pntlen)
Absolute Angling Club
Beach Boys Angling Club
Castaway Angling Club
Glenmore Rock & Surf Angling Club
Hibiscus Angling Club
HLH Titans Angling Club
Ifafa Beach Angling Club
Kloof Angling Club
Marlin Angling Club
Natal Estates Angling Club
Prodigal Son Angling Club
Reunion Angling Club
Seapoint Rock & Surf Angling Club
Southport Angling Club
Tuna Angling Club
Umvoti Angling Club
Uvongo Angling Club
Vikings Angling Club
Warnadoone Angling Club
Blackfin Angling Club
Tournament Information

KZNCAU 2021 2022 Interclub Postal League

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

  • Inter-Club competitions shall be fished on the basis of six rounds of postal competitions per year, at the discretion of the Committee.

Unless otherwise stated:

(a) Each round of each competition shall be fished during one unbroken period of not exceeding eight hours between the hours of 18h00 Friday and midnight Sunday.

(b) Each team shall fix its own period.

(c) Every member of a Club travelling with the team, and under the control of the captain, shall fish within the distance of ten nautical miles or 18.5 kilometers provided for in the next rule.

(d) Standard time of automatic GSM time (available on Cell Phones) be used as a synchronized time for Competitions.

  • Before the start of any competition, each Club shall fix upon two points not more than ten nautical miles or 18.5 kilometers apart, and all members of the team, and members travelling with the team and under the control of the captain, must fish between such points.  Any dispute as to distance shall be settled by reference to the Admiralty chart measured on the chart "as the crow flies."
  • A team shall consist of not more than eight members who must be nominated by the team captain prior to commencement of the competition.

(a) No member of a team or any person travelling with the team shall fish in the Union’s waters for at least 3 hours before the competition starts.

(b) No Club may change the time of commencement of any competition if any member of the Club's team has commenced fishing at the original appointed time, notwithstanding that the decision to change the time of commencement was made prior to the original appointed time.

(c) Club Colours be worn only when fishing the actual competition time during Postal Rounds.

(d) SASAA numbers of each angler must be clearly visible, legibly written and prominently displayed on either his bait box, or his tackle box, but preferably on both.

  • Only members in good standing in the Union and in their respective Clubs shall be eligible to take part in any competition or to claim or receive any trophy.
  • A Club recording no catch shall score nothing.
  • No fishing except with a rod and reel shall be allowed in any competition and only one rod, reel and line may be used by any member at any one time.
  • No artificial support for the rod other than a rod bucket shall be used during play, and the competitor shall have no assistance whatever in baiting hooks, casting, hooking or playing fish except that one other person may handle the trace only to assist in gaffing the fish. No more than one treble or two single hooks may be used in any type of bait whether it be trolled, live bait, or used on the ground, provided not more than three barbs are used at any one time, and provided further that no more than 2 baits may be used at any one time. In the case of an artificial lure no more than two trebles or one treble and one single or three single hooks, may be fitted to the lure and no more than one lure may be used at any one time. All slide clip devices [return and non return] be banned in all Common Venue Competitions. It shall disqualify a member's fish if such member hands the rod to any other person after hooking the fish before it is landed. No harpoon or spear shall be used. All specie of Mackerel and Maasbanker may not be used as live bait during Postal & Common Venue Competitions. Live fish bait may only be caught during Competition hours.
  • The use of a harness or any departure from Rule 14 may be permitted in the case of a member suffering a disability.  Applications for this privilege shall be made to the Executive Committee through the member's Club and supported by a certificate setting out the nature of such disability and signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Club.  Each case shall be treated on its merits.
  • There shall be no restrictions on the diameter of mono-filament line, the breaking strain of braided line, or the diameter, breaking strain and length of any shock leader used. When Gaffing or grabbing a catch for another angler, the assisting angler may only handle the shock leader, which shall not exceed nine (9) meters in length when extended. The length of the shock leader shall be the overall length from where the leader is attached to the main line by means of a knot, to the point where the bottom hook is attached to the hook trace. The main line however, may not be touched, except when untangling the line from another angler’s line.   
  • Should two anglers hook and land the same catch, the catch shall be allocated to the angler whose hook is embedded in the mouth of the catch. Should both anglers’ hooks be embedded in the mouth, the catch shall count for neither angler.
  • All surf competitions shall be fished between the border of KwaZulu Natal and Mozambique in the north and the Bashee River in the south, off the seashore, rocks or piers into the open sea, below high water-mark on spring tides, along the shore and in a direct line across any river mouth.  No fishing shall be allowed in any competition on the inner sides of the Durban piers west of a line drawn from the end of the parapet at the beginning of the South Pier and the Perla Siedle Memorial on the North Pier. Richards Bay Harbour - That angling only be permitted on the seaward side of an imaginary line drawn from the south corner at the end of the “short dollos” pier to a point on the south breakwater, such that this point is in line with the high water mark on the south side of the south breakwater. The beach between the “short dollos” pier and the “long dollos” pier is included for angling, as well as the “long dollos” pier. The Area Light House to First Rocks be restricted to two rounds of the Postal Competition per year. The restricted area is second bats to Rangers and including the mission car park and access ramp.
  • No fishing from any boat or craft shall be allowed in any surf competitions.
  • The use of boats, paddle-ski’s, kites, balloons or bungs and/or corks exceeding 64 cubic centimetres is prohibited. (e.g. 40 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm)
  • Edible fish shall mean all fish except tobies, sharks, rays, skates, sawfish, and sand sharks.
  • (a)      No fish if the calculated measured weight is less than 0,5kg for edible fish and 1.0kg for inedible fish shall be eligible in any competition.

           (b)     Where weight to Measurement Tables read to two decimal places to be rounded up or down as follows:-

               1.05 Weight Points to be rounded up to 1.1Weight Points

               1.04 Weight Points to be rounded down to 1.0 Weight Points.          

  • NO gaffing of Butterfly Rays (Diamonds) between the areas from Tugela River Mouth to the Richards Bay Harbour Mouth. If gaffed, NIL points
  • In all competitions fish must be measured as follows:-

             Inedible fish – Over the top of the fish

             Edible fish – measured over the side of fish.

Note for record claims measurement still needs to be done in the “straight Line” method (two pegs/marks be used to mark the length of the fish, the fish be removed, and a straight-line measurement be taken where possible).

(i) All fish caught must be witnessed. Witnessing of fish and the measurement thereof can be by a member of the same club. Weigh Cards be signed off before the angler casts again.

  • During all Competitions no closed season fish will be counted or used as bait. During open season four shad count. No East Coast Rock Lobster allowed to be used as bait out of season. Great White sharks, Brindle Bass, Potato Bass, and Natal Wrasse do not count. The Union encourages catch and release of all fish.
    • (a) No account whatever shall be taken of eels caught in any competitions.
    • (b) All inedible fish shall be returned unharmed and alive to the water, or if killed, removed by the angler from the beach or rocks concerned and not returned to the water.
  • The term "weekend" shall mean the period between 18h00 on Friday and midnight on Sunday.
  • In the event of two more Clubs or anglers having the same aggregate weight points or number of points in any competition, the one with the least number of fish shall be the winner, and in the event of a tie in respect of both aggregate weight points and number of fish, such Clubs or anglers so tying shall be the joint winners, except where in the event of such a tie in respect of a trophy to be won outright, there shall be a re-fish by all competitors so tying.  In the event of any round of a knock-out competition being undetermined by reason of opposing Clubs recording no catch, both Clubs shall be automatically knocked out of the competition.
  • The Honorary Secretary or any Official of each Club taking part in any inter-Club competition shall send to the Honorary Competition Secretary of the Union a true and correct return of the catch made by his Club and/or any member thereof, specifying the species and weight to the nearest 0,1 of a kilogram of each fish captured in such competition.  Such returns shall be in the hands of the Honorary Competition Secretary of the Union by noon on the Tuesday following the competition.  All late returns shall be disqualified unless specially condoned by resolution of the Executive Committee.
  • Complaints/Protests. Should a Club wish to lodge a Complaint/Protest against another Affiliated Club/member of the Union a Complaint/Protest document must be completed and lodged with the Union which must be accompanied by a R200.00 deposit. Should the Complaint/Protest prove to be valid the deposit will be refunded. However, should the Complaint/Protest be unsubstantial, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Covid changes:
  • a) Postal competition, by its nature allows for social distancing as fishing times from Friday 18h00 and Sunday 12h00 during the fishing weekend Many clubs choose different fishing times even if they end up in the same area, some clubs travel whilst others decide to fish local waters. All Member Clubs to abide by KZNCAU rules and the South Africa’s Covid-19 rules, protocols and Curfew applicable at the time of fishing.
  • b) Fishing and or travelling during National Lockdown times, Breaking this critical National disaster rule must come with severe consequences. If club is found guilty of fishing or traveling during National Lockdown times will forfeit the club score for that round.  Being out during National Lockdown is a serious crime and brings the Union into disrepute.

I want to wish everyone tight lines for this weekends upcoming Postal competitions. Further I want to remind the clubs that driving on the beach is not allowed during any KZNCAU or SASAA sanctioned competitions and all anglers are to give our beaches the respect they deserve and ensure beaches are kept clean , free of litter , all braid and line is collected and left over bait is thrown back in the water.


Secretary KZNCAU: Kishanth Ramsoorooj 0835340991 

Entry #NameLeagueNAANGLER1
1Grame BennettGlenmore RockGrame Bennett
2Kishanth RamsooroojReunion Angling ClubKishanth Ramsoorooj
3Krish NaidooReunion Angling ClubKrish Naidoo
4Benedict PillayReunion Angling ClubBenedict Pillay
5Ronald Emmanuel ChettyUmvoti Angling ClubRonald Emmanuel Chetty
6Deolyn NaidooSeapoint RockDeolyn Naidoo
7Pravesan NaidooSeapoint RockPravesan Naidoo
8Larusan PillayReunion Angling ClubLarusan Pillay
9Darren PillayReunion Angling ClubDarren Pillay
10Shaiz Mahomed KhanSeapoint Rock & Surf Angling ClubShaiz Mahomed Khan
11Shelendra BhugwandassBeach Boys Angling ClubShelendra Bhugwandass
12Rohan HarilalReunion Angling ClubRohan Harilal
13Barry KrauseIfafa Beach Angling ClubBarry Krause
14Brandon KrauseIfafa Beach Angling ClubBrandon Krause
15Sun Desh PursadReunion Angling ClubSun Desh Pursad
16Cameron HissSeapoint RockCameron Hiss
17Kimeshen Moodley Seapoint RockKimeshen Moodley
18Yusuf AllySeapoint Rock & Surf Angling ClubYusuf Ally
19Struan ScottMarlin Angling ClubStruan Scott
20Sanjay MowbethReunion Angling ClubSanjay Mowbeth
21Ian PretoriusWarnadoone Angling ClubIan Pretorius
22Edmund De BruynWarnadoone Angling ClubEdmund De Bruyn
23Dean PretoriusMarlin Angling ClubDean Pretorius
24Boetie RoetzAbsolute Angling ClubBoetie Roetz
25Alan LaubscherAbsolute Angling ClubAlan Laubscher
26Deon NaidooAbsolute Angling ClubDeon Naidoo
27Jeanmarc DevasagayumUmvoti Angling ClubJeanmarc Devasagayum
28Poul JensenWarnadoone Angling ClubPoul Jensen
29Reevek RamlallHibiscus Angling ClubReevek Ramlall
30Melvin GovenderSeapoint RockMelvin Govender
31Mac KrugerWarnadoone Angling ClubMac Kruger
32Jakobus ScheepersWarnadoone Angling ClubJakobus Scheepers
33Hendrik VorsterWarnadoone Angling ClubHendrik Vorster
34Liam ArtingstallWarnadoone Angling ClubLiam Artingstall
35Lawrence SchroderWarnadoone Angling ClubLawrence Schroder
36Reuben Riley RampersadReunion Angling ClubReuben Riley Rampersad
37Nicholas GovenderReunion Angling ClubNicholas Govender
38Jerome CharlesReunion Angling ClubJerome Charles
39Jason Van Der WaltKloof Angling ClubJason Van Der Walt
40Jarred ChettyReunion Angling ClubJarred Chetty
41Mervin PillayCastaway Angling ClubMervin Pillay
42Sundran ThevadasanProdigal Son Angling ClubSundran Thevadasan
43Mohammed Riaz KaderCastaway Angling ClubMohammed Riaz Kader
44Keolin MoodleyCastaway Angling ClubKeolin Moodley
45Kamesh PadayacheeCastaway Angling ClubKamesh Padayachee
46Keshav SahadevCastaway Angling ClubKeshav Sahadev
47Kivalan MoodleyKloof Angling ClubKivalan Moodley
48Liam GoundenKloof Angling ClubLiam Gounden
49Povendren PillayBeach Boys Angling ClubPovendren Pillay
50Narashan NaidooProdigal Son Angling ClubNarashan Naidoo
51Freek StanderGlenmore RockFreek Stander
52Iftikhaar KhanProdigal Son Angling ClubIftikhaar Khan
53Ismail AllijanProdigal Son Angling ClubIsmail Allijan
54Shaun PillayBeach Boys Angling ClubShaun Pillay
55Niren RamkalawanProdigal Son Angling ClubNiren Ramkalawan
56Mohammed Suhail KhanProdigal Son Angling ClubMohammed Suhail Khan
57Peter Van Der WaltKloof Angling ClubPeter Van Der Walt
58Riaz NatalallProdigal Son Angling ClubRiaz Natalall
59Kevin NaidooProdigal Son Angling ClubKevin Naidoo
60Pieter NoethGlenmore RockPieter Noeth
61Yolanda VenterGlenmore RockYolanda Venter
62Illana BennettGlenmore RockIllana Bennett
63Jacques VenterGlenmore RockJacques Venter
64Vishan SingBeach Boys Angling ClubVishan Sing
65Shannon GovenderReunion Angling ClubShannon Govender
66Sean BennettGlenmore RockSean Bennett
67Deepak SewpersadHibiscus Angling ClubDeepak Sewpersad
68Avash JuggernathKloof Angling ClubAvash Juggernath
69Tashiq BeharieReunion Angling ClubTashiq Beharie
70Darendra RamgaribReunion Angling ClubDarendra Ramgarib
71Iryn Lee GovenderReunion Angling ClubIryn Lee Govender
72Craig PretoriusMarlin Angling ClubCraig Pretorius
73Aaron-john PretoriusMarlin Angling ClubAaron-john Pretorius
74Shivaar KishoonKloof Angling ClubShivaar Kishoon
75Saffiya AhmodReunion Angling ClubSaffiya Ahmod
76Hajra AhmodReunion Angling ClubHajra Ahmod
77Raymond PillayProdigal Son Angling ClubRaymond Pillay
78Abubakar AhmodReunion Angling ClubAbubakar Ahmod
79Thasvir MungalCastaway Angling ClubThasvir Mungal
80Mohammed Azghar SheikCastaway Angling ClubMohammed Azghar Sheik
81Isaiah VarathanUmvoti Angling ClubIsaiah Varathan
82Emmanuel VarathanUmvoti Angling ClubEmmanuel Varathan
83Ebrahim AliUmvoti Angling ClubEbrahim Ali
84Sian PillayCastaway Angling ClubSian Pillay
85Muhammad AliUmvoti Angling ClubMuhammad Ali
86Niven SubbaduUmvoti Angling ClubNiven Subbadu
87Trevor ReidIfafa Beach Angling ClubTrevor Reid
88Megandhren MoonsamiReunion Angling ClubMegandhren Moonsami
89Upasana JuggernathKloof Angling ClubUpasana Juggernath
90Pasquale CammaranoKloof Angling ClubPasquale Cammarano
91Logis PillaiKloof Angling ClubLogis Pillai
92Mohammed HassanUmvoti Angling ClubMohammed Hassan
93Kerisha MewalalReunion Angling ClubKerisha Mewalal
94Aidan BollaertWarnadoone Angling ClubAidan Bollaert
95Clinton NaickerSeapoint RockClinton Naicker
96Arne Van NiekerkTuna Angling ClubArne Van Niekerk
97Jayson NaidooSeapoint RockJayson Naidoo
98Edwin DanielUmvoti Angling ClubEdwin Daniel
99Prakash AsaramUmvoti Angling ClubPrakash Asaram
100Denashin MoodleyUmvoti Angling ClubDenashin Moodley
101Mohammed HassanUmvoti Angling ClubMohammed Hassan
102Firoze MoosaSeapoint RockFiroze Moosa
103Roderick MunienUmvoti Angling ClubRoderick Munien
104Gary BoulangerTuna Angling ClubGary Boulanger
105Gerrit Du PlessisMarlin Angling ClubGerrit Du Plessis
106George TripepiMarlin Angling ClubGeorge Tripepi
107Sanjeevan MoodleyMarlin Angling ClubSanjeevan Moodley
108Odeshin Moodley Marlin Angling ClubOdeshin Moodley
109John LindsayIfafa Beach Angling ClubJohn Lindsay
110Leon NieuwoudtWarnadoone Angling ClubLeon Nieuwoudt
111Seeashian NaickerTuna Angling ClubSeeashian Naicker
112Sian PretoriusWarnadoone Angling ClubSian Pretorius
113Juan DixonMarlin Angling ClubJuan Dixon
114Kurt KuhnTuna Angling ClubKurt Kuhn
115Shane RajbullyBeach Boys Angling ClubShane Rajbully
116Rivash MewalalSeapoint RockRivash Mewalal

Tournament was created by : Kishanth Ramsoorooj