SABAA Free State Regionals 2017-2018

Tournament Details
NameSABAA Free State Regionals 2017-2018
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceFree State
Number of Competitions8
How many Competitions will count6
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2017-11-11
Tournament Points+
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Tournament Information

SABAA Free State Regionals 2017-2018

Here are the dates and venues for our Inaugral Season of Freestate 2017/18

11/12 November 2017                   -              Rust de Winter

10/11 February 2018                       -             De Hoop

10/11 March 2018                            -              Bronkhorstspruit

14/15 April 2018                                -   Vaal River          

Please note that we are having 8 single day competitions with only 6 of your best scores to count!!


Please put these in your Dairies and let your friends know and get guys to join us!!


You must register and then enter online!!

If you are not a member of SABAA we will contact you and get you registered.

Everyone is welcome please give me a call for more info Allan 0825720288

Tournament Rules








Version 01.

Issue Date: 27 May 2017


PREAMBLE .............................................................................................................................. 3

DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS ................................................................................ 4

1 – ORGANISATION AND PARTICIPATION ...................................................................... 5

2 – TOURNAMENT FORMAT ................................................................................................ 6

3 – COMPETITION FORMAT ................................................................................................. 6

4 – COMPETITION RULES ..................................................................................................... 9

5 – QUALIFICATION FOR SENIOR NATIONAL TRIALS .................................................. 9

6 – QUALIFICATION FOR INTERPROVINCIAL TOURNAMENTS ............................... 10

7 – TIE BREAKS..................................................................................................................... 11

8 – ABSENCE DUE TO CONFLICTING SABAA EVENT ................................................. 11


It is a SASACC requirement that all anglers qualifying for Senior National Trials and

Interprovincial Tournaments should be subject to the equal qualification process. In

order for SABAA to facilitate this requirement this document describes the standards

and rules for participation and running of all Qualifying Tournaments that serve the

purpose of qualifying anglers for participation at the Senior National Trials or

Interprovincial Tournaments.

Note that this does not prohibit SABAA for implementing any additional rules or

amendments to these rules for purpose of promoting qualification and/or participation

of persons of colour in various teams at all levels of the sport.

The rules that apply for participation and running of Senior Nationals and

Interprovincial Tournaments are contained in a separate document. This document

however has precedence on matters relating to Qualifying Tournaments only. If this

document however does not address a specific matter the relevant clauses in the

National Senior Trials and National Interprovincial Championship Rules document

shall apply. In particular the following clauses in the National Senior Trials and

National Interprovincial Championship Rules document shall apply for Qualifying


 Rule 4 – Use of Live Wells – Clause A

 Rule 6 – Safety – Clauses A to L

 Rule 7 – Sportsmanship – Clauses A & B

 Rule 8 – Injured Fish – Clauses A to E

 Rule 9 – Weighing Fish – Clauses A to C

 Rule 13 – Fish Limits – Clause A & B

 Rule 14 – Fish Culling – Clauses A to D

 Rule 17 – Combining Catches – Clauses A & B

 Rule 18 – Boarding by Committee Members – Clause A

 Rule 19 – Protests – Clause A & B

 Rule 21 – Scoring Systems – Clause A & B

 Rule 22 – Lure Type Tackle – Clause A to E

 Rule 23 – Eligible Fish – Clause A to E

 Rule 24 – Wet Lines – Clause A to C

 Rule 26 – Methods of Angling – Clause A & B

 Rule 27 – Prohibited Areas – Clause A & B

 Rule 28 – Alcohol and Drugs – Clause A to D

 Rule 32 – Power of Disqualification – Clause A

SABAA structures hosting Qualifying Tournaments may not adopt alternate rules that

contradict these Tournament Rules in any way. The tournament committee may

however make additional arrangements aimed at the facilitating the smooth running

of competitions as long as they do not contradict these Tournament Rules in any

way, and as long as they are adequately and timeously communicated to the

relevant parties.


The following definitions and abbreviations such apply in this document.

1. Ordinary Member – as defined in the SABAA constitution – also known as a

competitive angler.

2. Qualifying Tournament – a series of competitions run within a single season

by any SABAA substructure for the purpose of selecting anglers to qualify for

participation in the Senior Nationals and Interprovincial Tournaments.

3. Qualifying Competition – an individual competition within a Qualifying


4. SASAAC – South African Sport Anglers and Casting Confederation

5. SASCOC – South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee

6. SABAA – South African Bass Anglers Association

7. Tournament Director – a person appointed by the relevant SABAA structure

who are hosting the Qualifying Tournament.

8. Tournament Committee – a committee consisting of the Tournament

Director and at least two other members.

9. Tournament Rules – any reference to Tournament Rules refer to the rules as

documented in this document unless specified otherwise.

If a specific term is not defined in this section or elsewhere in this document then the

definitions contained in the SABAA constitution shall apply.


A) A SABAA sub-structure wishing to enter a team of qualifying anglers to the

Senior Nationals or the Interprovincial Tournament shall host a Qualifying

Tournament in accordance with these Tournament Rules.

B) The sub-structure must meet the requirements specified in the SABAA

constitution to be recognised as a SABAA sub-structure in order to enter a team

to the Senior Nationals or Interprovincial Championships.

C) The SABAA sub-structure hosting such a tournament shall determine the fees

due for such a tournament. These fees should cover all reasonable expenses

that may be incurred to run such a tournament.

D) The SABAA sub-structure may seek sponsorship contributions to offset the costs

of running such tournaments subject to the SABAA, SASACC and SASCOC

guidelines on sponsorship. All such sponsorships must be vetted by the relevant

SABAA executive committee responsible for sponsorships in order to coordinate

sponsorship efforts at a national level.

E) The SABAA sub-structure hosting the Qualifying Tournament shall at the

beginning of the season appoint a Tournament Director and a Tournament

Committee for the season. These should be persons with experience in

participation in such tournaments, who are reasonably expected to attend all the

tournament competitions for the season. The Tournament Director and

Tournament Committee’s responsibilities shall include the following:

a. Facilitating a process for selecting the venues and dates for the

Qualifying Competitions that form part of the tournament (Ensuring that

their COE’s and those of neighbouring provinces do not clash)

b. Facilitating the angler registration process for the tournament

c. Appointing a suitable weighmaster for all competitions and ensuring that

the weighmaster abides by the Tournament Rules and SABAA

guidelines. This includes all the necessary arrangement for running a

suitable weigh station for the competition

d. A minimum of 2 (two) calibrated scales shall be available at National

Championship and at National Inter Provincial Championships

accompanied by a Receipt printer, duplicate copies should be

generated, and the angler should take a copy and the Weigh Master will

retain the other copy. An angler’s catch will not be released until the

angler has confirmed that he is satisfied with the receipt that he has been


e. will be the standard results site for all events and

every Province should make provision for a system failure and as such

should have a backup (e.g. Triplicate Receipt books are to be used, the

middle copy goes to the angler, top copy to go with the Weigh Master

and the book to be taken by an independent person from the Provincial


f. Ensuring that anglers abide to all relevant rules and regulations,

including relevant legislation and local venue regulations

g. Handle all contraventions to rules in a transparent and fair manner in

accordance with the Tournament Rules and all other SABAA and other

relevant rules or regulations, including the power to disqualify a

competitor or impose a fine.

h. Maintain all relevant tournament records, including records of fish

weighed, tournament results and competition attendance registers, for a

period of at least three years.

F) In order to participate in a Qualifying Tournament an angler must be a senior (or

qualifying Junior) Ordinary Member of SABAA at the time of entry and must be

in good standing with all relevant SABAA structures.

G) A participating angler must register for the Qualifying Tournament and pay all

fees due prior to the cut-off date which shall be published by the Tournament

Director at the beginning of a new season.

H) All anglers who enter the Qualifying Tournament must be provided with a copy

of the Tournament Rules and the anglers must confirm in writing that they have

received the rules and that they accept the rules as binding as a precondition for

participation. Failure to provide such written confirmation provides grounds for

rejecting the angler’s registration for the tournament.


A) Qualifying Tournaments shall consist if eight Qualifying Competitions of one-day

duration each.

B) A single Qualifying Tournament may be used to qualify for both the Senior

National Trials and/or the Interprovincial. Alternatively, separate Qualifying

Tournaments can be run for the National Trials and Interprovincial qualification


C) In order to reduce anglers’ costs and pressure on the angling calendar,

competitions may be hosted on consecutive days at the same venue.


A) The Tournament Director, or in their absence a member of the Tournament

Committee, shall hold a competition briefing prior to the commencement of the


B) The time and venue of the briefing is to be communicated well in advance to

allow all anglers suitable notice.

C) Non-attendance of a briefing will not be accepted as an excuse for ignorance of

the arrangements and/or rules in the event of a compliant or objection being


D) The following is to be communicated at the competition briefing:

a. The name and contact details of the weigh master for the competition.

b. The name of the Tournament Director and Tournament Committee

members presiding for the competition.

c. The scheduled start and finish times, taking local conditions into account.

d. Local venue regulations and rules, e.g. no wake zones.

e. Any no fishing, no wake and danger zones.

f. Any emergency procedures.

g. Launch and weigh-in procedures.

E) A maximum of two anglers may fish off the same boat in a competition. If more

than one angler fishes off a boat, a mechanism that does not result in any form

of mutilation of the fish, must be used to identify the anglers’ fish.

F) The starting order for a particular competition shall be determined on the

following basis:

a. At the first competition of a new season, the starting order shall be based

on the anglers ceding at the end of the previous season. New or

comeback anglers, who do not have a ceding, will depart after all ceded

anglers (by means of a draw). For all remaining competitions the starting

order will be determined by the angler’s accumulated GP points for the

current season. This will include all events to date, i.e. without

discarding any events. In the event of a tie in starting order the angler

who started earlier at the event immediately preceding the new

competition shall be awarded the tie-break. If two anglers fish off the

same boat for a specific competition the higher ranked angler’s ranking

shall apply for purposes of determining starting order.

b. The alternative starting procedure is to draw starting position for each

angler at each event at the beginning of the season. Additional reserve

numbers should be draw (eg. Reserve Boat 1 through 10) These

numbers will then only be allocated to a “NEW or Come Back” member

joining later than the due date prescribed by SABAA.

G) A Tournament Competition is to be scheduled for a minimum of at least 8 hours

per day.

H) The Tournament Director MUST delay the start of a competition if at their

discretion the conditions are unsafe, e.g. poor visibility due to fog or rain. In the

event at any time of the day during the event that anglers experience poor

visibility, they should only proceed on their combustion engines at 1200 RPM,

the penalty for transgression of the above rule is immediate disqualification.

I) If the venue and location permit an extension to the end time of the competition

(light conditions etc), then the Tournament Committee will review safety

conditions every half and may add time on to the competition only when the

session would have been shorter than the prescribed 8 hours. If it is not possible

to complete at least 6 hours of fishing the Tournament Director must cancel the

competition and the Tournament Committee is to reschedule the competition for

another date and if necessary an alternate venue.

J) The following weigh-in procedure shall apply for all competitions:

a. A large enough waiting area shall be provided and marshalled.

b. Cut-off time is to be indicated by the sounding of a horn or siren and/or

flare. Should any competitor's boat not be within the boundaries of the

waiting area at such time, his/her catch for that session will be


c. Should the Tournament Committee indicate at the competition briefing

that a Disc (Tag) System is in operation then the competitor(s) will only

be deemed to have arrived in good time for the weigh-in, if their discs

are placed on the board prior to cut-off time.

d. If any Competitor’s Disc is not returned to the board by cut off time, said

Competitor will be disqualified.

e. If an angler is disqualified for being late but has weighed fish prior to the

cut-off time, and these have been recorded by the weigh-master, these

fish will count towards his score. Only fish that have yet to be weighed

will not count.

f. In the event of the jetty or beaching area being overcrowded by boats, a

competitor may claim waiting time if the weigh-in deadline is imminent.

This can only be done by attracting the attention of a member of the

Tournament Committee if in the waiting area (no-wake area) in good

time before the deadline time is reached. The Tournament Committee

member will immediately note the competitor’s name & the time of any

such incident in a log book and bring it to the attention of the weigh

master on completion of weigh-in.

g. Any competitor rendering EMERGENCY assistance to another

competitor or member of the public which results in his/her late arrival

may have his/her catch weighed if he/she provides satisfactory proof of

such assistance given. A member of the Tournament Committee will

note the name of the competitors concerned and the time of the incident

in a log book.


A) Cut-off - No SABAA member may be on the water at which a Tournament

Competition is scheduled to take place within a period starting five days prior to

the commencement of the competition. For clarification if a competition is

scheduled on commence on a Saturday the cut-off for the competition starts at

00h01 on the preceding Monday. Contravention of this rule will result in the

angler being fined an amount which shall be determined by the SABAA

executive. If the angler is registered to participate in the specific competition they

should be disqualified from participating in the competition.

B) All live-wells shall be inspected prior to the commencement of a competition. A

system for proving that live-wells have been inspected shall be implemented.

C) The use of cellular phones, is allowed for safety purposes only. No angler may

contact another angler, whilst on the water, unless in the case of an emergency.

Arrangements must be made with weigh master for emergency messages to be

intercepted and conveyed to the competitors.


A) The SABAA executive shall from time to time determine the number of anglers

(slots) that shall participate in the Senior National Trials.

B) The number of slots shall be allocated to the respective qualifying SABAA

substructures on a proportional representation basis. Proportional

representation will be determined on the following basis:

a. When considering the slots for a years National Trials the proportional

representation will be based on the Qualifying Tournament for that

Nationals Trials that would have been completed in the season ending

in May on the same year, assuming that National Trials are scheduled

in the second half of a calendar year.

b. The number of anglers who have participated in at least 50%, i.e. four of

the eight competitions, are to be counted per qualifying sub-structure. In

order to qualify for participation in a specific event an angler must have

launched their boat and made an attempt to fish during competition

hours. It is not necessary that an angler weigh a fish to be counted for

a specific event.

c. The count per sub-structure are then to be expressed as a percentage

of the total count of all the sub-structures. A specific sub-structure is

then allocated the corresponding percentage of the total slots available.

C) Note that SABAA executive reserves the right to reserve or add additional slots

for the specific purpose of promoting the advancement of participation by people

of colour in the various teams.

D) The scoring system to be applied for Qualifying Competitions is the same as

applied at Senior National Trials (refer to Rule 21 of Nationals Tournament

Rules), i.e. one point per live fish, plus one point per kilogram and equivalent part

point per part kilogram, etc.

E) Anglers are to be ranked for each Qualifying Competition based on total points

applying a reverse GP system with the winner been awarded 100 GP points, the

2nd place 99 GP points and so forth.

F) An angler that participates in a specific competition, but does not weigh any fish

will be awarded zero GP points.

G) The end-of-season tournament ranking for a particular angler will be calculated

by calculating the Total GP points of the six highest results for that season. The

resulting total will used to rank all participating anglers providing their end-ofseason


a. For clarification should an angler be disqualified for a specific

competition for whatever reason that competition may be considered

one of the discarded competition for purposes of calculating the six

highest results for that season.

H) Qualification for National Trials will be based on angler ceding as calculated at

the end of the season which shall be calculated as follows:

60% X the current (completed) season end-of-season Total GP points (six or the 8

events) after discards have been taken into account, plus 40% X the greater of the

previous two seasons end-of-season Total GP Points


A) The SABAA executive shall from time to time determine the number of anglers

per team participating at the Interprovincial Tournament.

B) The points assigned will be the same as for qualification for National Trials as

set out in section 5(D) to 5(H) above.

C) The team selection will be based on end-of-season Total GP P{oints after discards have been

taken into account.

D) Note that SABAA executive reserves the right to add further requirements aimed

at promoting the advancement of participation by people of colour in the various


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A) Competition (Single) Event

In the case of a tie at any individual event both anglers will receive the same

respective Grand Prix points for the tied position. (Example: A two-way tie in 2nd

position; both anglers receive 99 points and the angler in 3rd would receive 97

points. 100, 99, 99, 97 etc)

B) At the end of a Season

Anglers that are tied on Total Grand Prix points (after discards are taken into

account): 1st Tie Break would be the total quantity of fish caught for the current

season after the discards have been taken into account. 2nd Tie Break would be

the total bag weights for the season after discards have been taken into account.

C) Ceding

In the case of a tie on the ceding lists: 1st Tie Break is based on the total GP

Points for the current season, plus the previous two seasons respective Total GP

Points (all after the respective discards have been taken into account). 2nd Tie

Break is based on the angler with the highest Total Grand Prix point in the current

season after discards have been taken into account. 3rd Tie Break would be the

Total number of fish over the current year plus the previous two seasons after

their respective discards have been taken into account.

D) Angler of the Year (AOY)

The AOY will be determined by the total Grand Prix Points after discards for the

current season.


A) Should an angler be representing SABAA at another higher event, e.g. an

international event, and not be able to attend a Qualifying Competition, the angler

may request a point allocation due to his/her absence.

a. If attending a local SABAA event, an application may be submitted if the

angler is required to be away either 5 days prior or 5 days after the event.

b. If attending an International/Overseas event, an application for points

may be submitted if the angler is required to be away either 14 days prior

or 14 days after an event.

B) The point allocation for Qualifying Competition should be equal to the anglers

ceded GP points from the previous season.


Allan Baker 0825720288

Entry #NameProvincesCategoriesANGLER1
1Allan BakerAllan Baker
2Andrew TavaresAndrew Tavares
3Greg SchluepGreg Schluep
4Jan Van ZylJan Van Zyl
5Paul SchluepPaul Schluep
6Jared OlsenJared Olsen
7Robert MelaneyRobert Melaney
8Keith RudigerKeith Rudiger
9Warren LuckWarren Luck
10Jason RudigerJason Rudiger
11Charlton HewittCharlton Hewitt
12Bryce GeldardBryce Geldard
13Les HyemLes Hyem
14Cian ConradieCian Conradie
15Jacques SchoemanJacques Schoeman
16Kirsten BrayKirsten Bray
17Dave Van Vught (VAAL BASS MASTERS )Dave Van Vught
18Lee Kane (Vaal Bass MastersLee Kane
19Johan AppelgreinJohan Appelgrein
20Dudley JamesDudley James
21Clive RoseClive Rose
22Justin TrentelmanJustin Trentelman
23Joe MendesJoe Mendes
24Gizelle TrentelmanGizelle Trentelman
25Giulio NolliGiulio Nolli
26Maritza MendesMaritza Mendes
27Kevin HyemKevin Hyem
28Jonathan Andrew HyemJonathan Andrew Hyem
29Carmen RudigerCarmen Rudiger
30Corne SchoemanCorne Schoeman
31Bennie WieseBennie Wiese
32Dave FinaughtyDave Finaughty
33John ThompsonJohn Thompson
34Rob ScorgieRob Scorgie
35George RobeyGeorge Robey
36Tyron MortimerTyron Mortimer