The Bass Challenge WC - Preliminary Season

Tournament Details
NameThe Bass Challenge WC - Preliminary Season
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
Number of Competitions4
How many Competitions will count4
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together2
# Teams to count towards team points50
Start Time
End Time
Tournament Tiebreakers1 Heaviest Bag 2 Heaviest Fish - Linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2022-06-05
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
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Tournament Information

The Bass Challenge WC - Preliminary Season

Organised by Anglers for Anglers.

Come take part in the newsest format to hit the Western Cape's competitive scene.

This is a 2 angler team format.

Top 3 teams win cash pot prizes.

Plus plenty more up for grabs includiing Big Fish/Small Fish prizes, tackle vouchers from BaitBox, Tuckers Tackle, Geared2Fish Mystery Prize and premium soft plastic baits from Revolution Baits!

We look forward to seeing you on the water.

Tournament Rules

About TBC

TBC is a brand name that belongs to SA BASS magazine.

All organisers expect strict adherence to the following TBC bass angling tournament rules by all contestants. In the event of an emergency, please call the regional tournament organiser.

These rules supersede any previously published set of rules for this event and intended to further the best interests of bass fishing in general and not to benefit any individual, team or competitor. Please make sure you understand the rules and regulations



Interpretation and enforcement of these rules will be left exclusively to the tournament organiser.

Decisions of the tournament organiser are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.

Each contestant agrees to report any rule violation to the tournament organiser immediately upon discovery of the violation. Failure to report violations may be cause for disqualification.



All anglers enter The Bass Challenge Tournament Trial voluntarily and at their own risk. SA BASS and staff, TBC tournament organisers, MLF South Africa, tournament sponsors, and all resort proprietors and their employees at all levels, are indemnified from any personal liabilities whatsoever that may be incurred by any person while travelling to, or from, or during the tournament.



TBC organisers cannot be held responsible if dates and venues need to be changed because of influences beyond their control.

Notice will be given by notifying participants via the website or social media networks.

At the discretion of the tournament organiser, tournament days may be shortened, postponed or cancelled due to unsafe weather or water conditions.



Entry fee is R300/ person per event.

Venue fees will be determined once discussion with venues has been completed.

Sign in sheet and indemnity form to be filled out on the morning. You will be given a marker of some sort to indicate Date/Angler.

Once registered, anglers are required to wait for the pre-tournament meeting before setting off.



Start times for competitions will be announced prior to the competition on the TBC WhatsApp group.

06:00 Registration opens

06:15 Pre-tournament meeting

06:30 Tournament start (depending on safe weather conditions)

16:00 All Anglers to be present at weigh station.

- These times will be dependent on venue.

- No practice fishing is permitted After Tuesday (22nd Feb 2022). Or before the day’s pre-tournament meeting and the allocated start time.

- If you wish to join later, you are to communicate with the organisers in advance to make the necessary plans.



Many of the TBC competitions will be held on property belonging to private individuals. Such properties have their own rules and regulations, which must be adhered to at all times prior to, during, and after a competition.

All bass must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner and be hooked inside the mouth.

All fishing must be conducted from the boat. Only artificial lures may be used, with the exception of pork trailers and biodegradable soft baits.

(No live-baiting permitted)

Only one wet rod with one main line and one lure / bait per angler at any given time is allowed. The rod must be hand held (no rod holder may be used). Rigs like the double rig where multiple lures / baits are attached to one main line are not allowed, except for commercial available “Alabama” rigs.

Creating feeding spots by dumping bait either artificial or natural, or any other attractant in order to attract fish to a specific location is prohibited.

At no time may a contestant leave the boat to land a fish or to make the boat more accessible to fishing waters. Contestants must leave and return to the official checkpoint by boat.

A minimum radius of 20 metres (Casting Distance) must be kept between teams at all times. No team may cast into or move into another team’s area at any time during the competition unless invited by that team, in which case you must also vacate the area on request.



All anglers must be at the launch at 16:00

All Photos must be taken on the day of the competition. You will need to have the Marker Provided ifor the day in the photo, the fishes mouth must be closed and up against the bump board. otherwise that catch will incur a 5 point penalty. (5cmpen)

Teams will choose their 5 longest fish then proceed to show photos to a marshal to verify the catches and award any bag penalty points if applicable.(5 point penalty for fish with open mouth or not against bump board.)

We will then log all catches and produce the log standings.



Prizes for each event will be awarded based on the total bag length for the day. Prize money is based on the number of paid entries for each competition and paid to the top three longest bags plus lucky draw prizes. Prize money is allocated only to teams and not individuals. In the event of a tie, the teams will share the prize money of the tied position for which they tied, plus the position immediately below that.

Prize giving follows immediately after the results are known and written complaints received have been sorted out.

Should the purse money be affected in any criminal way whatsoever, tournament organisers, tournament sponsors, SA BASS and employees at all levels, will not be held liable for any compensation.



All fishing must be conducted from a watercraft of sorts by means of oars, fins or trolling motor propulsion. You are permitted to have two trolling motors on the boat and are allowed to use them at the same time.

Watercraft permitted in TBC events are as follows:

- Small bass boats (aluminium, fibre glass or inflatable) (Length limit 4.6m)

- Kick-boats (electrically propelled or by means of kicking)

- Inflatable boats electrically propelled or by means of oars (Length limit 4.6m)

- Kayaks (no size limit)

- No jet skis, barges or similarly cumbersome craft will be permitted.

If your craft is not on the list and within the 4.6m cut-off, please contact the organisers prior to attending a tournament to confirm that your craft is permitted to enter.

All vessels are to conform to the SAMSA regulations.

NB* Under no circumstances are outboard type motors to be used during TBC tournaments.



All boats must have life jackets on board.  Anglers on kick boats/kayaks do not need to have a life jackets however it is recommended.

At the discretion of the tournament organiser, tournament days may be shortened, postponed or cancelled due to unsafe weather or water conditions.

If the wind speed reaches and/or exceeds 30km/h, measured at the tournament weigh station, a RED flag will be raised announcing that the tournament is (automatically) called off for the rest of the day and all fishing has to stop. All participants have 45 minutes to return to the launch area.


All anglers must propel their own craft and are not allowed to pull (or be pulled) by another angler, UNLESS in an emergency situation. In such situations the angler being pulled is to remain on their craft (If it is in a safe condition) and should contact the organisers.

If an angler has any technical issues with his boat and is unable to get back to the launch on his own, he will be allowed to be towed in by another angler or by one of the safety marshals, but will only be allowed to log in 4 fish, the angler needs to contact the organisers before being towed in.

If there were extreme weather conditions, or it was a real emergency issue, the organiser and the committee will vote and their decision will be final.



A team can compete off two individual crafts, if it is seen as an individual craft, which will be at the organizers discretion.

You need to contact the organizers prior to the competition to confirm that your craft complies with the two craft team rule, the organizers decision will be final.

You will not be allowed to fish off two crafts if one of the crafts are able to carry more than one angler safely.

NB* If you cannot find a partner you can choose to fish alone.



Any complaint is to be submitted in writing, or by providing video footage, to the tournament organiser within 15 minutes of the check-in time of the day.

Should any infringement on these rules be brought to the attention of TBC organizers, the TBC organizers will take all evidence into account, call up a committee, deliberate and pass their verdict before prize giving.

The committee and TBC organizers verdicts are final.

The competition organisers and marshals are responsible for the fair and impartial application of the rules. The decisions of the organisers and marshals are final.

The use of alcohol and/or non-medical drugs before or during competitions is prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in competition disqualification.

Littering will not be tolerated. Angler’s found littering will be asked to clean up their mess. If they refuse they will be disqualified from the day’s proceedings and possibly banned from future tournaments.

The organizers of the TBC competitions would like to promote a sense of sportsmanship, respect and proper conduct prior to, during and after competitions. If anyone from the public, a marshal, or competitor, view a TBC competitor exhibiting un-sportsman like conduct, or in any way conduct themselves in breach of the competition’s rules prior to, during, or after a competition, they could be disqualified from that competition, and future competitions.



A. Fighting, pulling pushing and threatening each other and abusive language will not be tolerated, this includes officials as well. (Minimum 3 months ban up to 12 months).

B. Deliberate or intentional actions of a member, official, competitor (including the competitor’s family, relatives or friends), publishing negative comments towards fellow competitors, administrators, officials or tournament partners on social media, using foul language (including officials) towards spectators, officials, competitors, tournament partners or employees of the venue.

The competitor (official) may be banned for a period for a period of minimum 3 up to 12months if found guilty by a special committee appointed to investigate the matter. The decision of the special committee is final.



The favourable public reputation of SA BASS, MLF and TBC as sanctioning organizations in the sport of fishing, the integrity of its officials, and the reputation of its media properties are valuable assets and tangible benefits for SA BASS and MLF South Africa.

Accordingly, it is an obligation of competitors to refrain from comments to the news media that unreasonably attack or disparage the integrity of tournaments, tournament officials, sponsors, fellow members, fellow anglers, SA BASS or Fishing League Worldwide (MLF).

Responsible expressions of legitimate disagreement with SA BASS and/or MLF South Africa policies are encouraged as opposed to attacks upon the integrity of the rules or officials.

However, public comments that an angler knows, or should reasonably know, will harm the reputation of SA BASS, MLF South Africa, its officials or sponsors shall be considered conduct unbecoming an angler and will result in disciplinary action.



During all days of competition any and all tobacco logos are prohibited and may not be worn or displayed. Anglers may wear their own apparel every day, except when anglers represent MLF South Africa in any event.

SA BASS and MLF South Africa reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to prohibit any angler’s apparel that it finds to be offensive. All decisions are in tournament organisers’ sole discretion.

Only official SA BASS, TBC and MLF South Africa sponsors and benefit providers are entitled to publicity at tournaments as jointly agreed. No competitor may offer publicity, guaranteed or incidental, on behalf of SA Bass, TBC or MLF South Africa in exchange for sponsorship.

In the event of any television coverage of any SA BASS, TBC or MLF South Africa event, SA BASS owns the rights to all camera footage. SA BASS and MLF South Africa are under no obligation to remunerate, whether it be cash or any other means, what so ever, to any competitors should they appear in the production.



Right of admission is reserved: the TBC Tournament Trial is a showcase for bass angling!

All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, to SA Bass, sponsors, the sport of fishing and SA Bass’ efforts to promote the sport examples of conduct not complying with those standards include, but are not limited to, the following: violation of, or failure to comply with, any of the official rules for the TBC Tournament Trial.



Under any of the above rules, tournament organisers are empowered to disqualify any competitor, after due consideration of the facts, deemed to have broken these rules at their level and/or apply disciplinary measures as defined in the TBC / MLF South Africa Championship rules. The regional organiser may recommend the banning of any angler for serious breach of rules. In the event of a dispute SA BASS may make use of a polygraph test for both anglers on the boat.

By filling in the entry form, submitting and participating in the TBC tournament trial or MLF South Africa Championship, you have agreed to abide by all the rules and have acknowledged and have accepted the indemnity at the bottom of the entry form.


TBC Western Cape

MLF South Africa

SA Bass Magazine


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Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1ANGLER2
1BWG BrootsBwg BrootsRyan CheesemanHanro Loots
2FishoholicsFishoholicsHendrik JansenDeon Van Der Merwe
3Revolution BaitsRevolution BaitsWian ViljoenTeam Revolution Baits
4Padda PredatorPadda PredatorWesley DayDamon Luke Mcgrane
5Big Boy BassBig Boy BassJan-hendrik KunnekeAnton Van Tonder
6Born BassinBorn BassinMatthew RadfordChristian Colborne
7B*B*BB*b*bNick BodeRichard Brodrick
8Team Bass WarsTeam Bass WarsColin WillmerRonel Willmer
9MombakkiesMombakkiesPd SwanepoelJack Smith
10TakiTakiKeigo Takamori
11Snag WorriorsSnag Worriors Josh GilesSamuel Jansen
12Team RedeyeTeam RedeyeMatthew BoschHagen Slack
13Team KirMitTeam KirmitRichard BlairTBA
14The Lip-RippppersThe Lip-rippersShane Goliath

Tournament was created by : Ryan Cheeseman