Clanwilliam Summer Classic 2018

Tournament Details
NameClanwilliam Summer Classic 2018
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Province
Number of Competitions1
How many Competitions will count1
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Heaviest Bag - Not Linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2018-10-13
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
Small Mouth Bass,0,
expression=(numfish * pntspecies) + (numdead * pntdead) + (numshort * pntshort) + (numpenalty * pntpenalty) + (valweight * pntweight) + (vallen * pntlen)
Non Skipper=400
Tournament Information


All anglers welcome including kickboaters

Bring family and friends and enjoy the Clanwilliam hospitality.

The NEW CEDAR MILL MALL has coffee shops, Debonairs Pizza, Steers & 15 other new stores to visit.

Enjoy the NEW De Kelder restaurant, Kentucky and more. 

ALL ANGLERS MUST ENTER and PAY ONLINE once payment is made then your entry number will be secured.

FIRST 120 PAID ENTRIES WILL RECEIVE A T-SHIRT & CAP FREE. You do not want to miss this years T-Shirts...the best we have made yet. So enter fast.

Starting positions will be for skipper category entries only

Enter as a Skipper  R400,  non-skipper R400 or Junior R300. ****NOTE if you enter as a junior then you are only eligible for Junior Prizes****

YOU can enter and pay CASH at the event registration but will start after the last online paid entry

Tournament Rules

Enter ONLINE @

Complete rules and indemnity available at tournament briefing.

All anglers to sign an indemnity form prior to start. 

Entry fees are NOT refundable.
Only paid competitors may occupy boats.
All fish weighed will become the property of the organisers.

Unlimited amount of artificial lures may be used.
SAMSA regulations and rules will apply to all vessels and anglers.
Prefish Cut off date 7 Days Prior competition (Friday 6 October)

Bulshoek Dam hosting another event so also out of bounds. Please respect this rule (From Friday 6 - 12 October) 
All anglers must attend registration and directors briefing.
Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times.
Life jackets must be worn anytime the combustion engine is operating.
Tournament standings, auxiliary awards and final winners shall be determined by the heaviest fish. 

A total of three smallmouth bass may be weighed by each competitor during the day, only the heaviest will count.

All Float Tubers welcome

Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1
1Steven VersfeldAuction 1SkipperHannes Oberholzer
2Steven VersfeldAuction 2SkipperSteven Versfeld
3Steven VersfeldAuction 3SkipperSteven Versfeld
4Steven VersfeldAuction 4SkipperSteven Versfeld
5Steven VersfeldAuction 5SkipperSteven Versfeld
6Leroy ViljoenSkipperLeroy Viljoen
7LambertSkipperLambert Fourie
8Nadine NowersNon SkipperNadine Nowers
9Weigh MastersSkipperWeigh Masters
10Edward KrugerSkipperEdward Kruger
11Francois AckermanSkipperFrancois Ackerman
12Dean de WetNon SkipperDean de Wet
13Heinrich IhlenfeldtSkipperHeinrich Ihlenfeldt
14Johan IhlenfeldtSkipperJohan Ihlenfeldt
15Gary GillSkipperGary Gill
16Tersia IhlenfeldtSkipperTersia Ihlenfeldt
17Chris CordierSkipperChris Cordier
18Christo SnymanSkipperChristo Snyman
19Gerrit MosterrSkipperGerrit Mosterr
20Rudi DykesSkipperRudi Dykes
21Stefan OberholzerNon SkipperHannes Oberholzer
22Albert OlivierNon SkipperAlbert Olivier
23Timothy ErasmusSkipperTimothy Erasmus
24Han RasmusSkipperHan Rasmus
25Ian RiddellSkipperIan Riddell
26Dexter PooleNon SkipperDexter Poole
27Jean van NiekerkSkipperJean van Niekerk
28Luc StrydomNon SkipperLuc Strydom
29Cherie SteeleNon SkipperCherie Steele
30Team SteeleSkipperMarco Steele
31Flip OppermanSkipperFlip Opperman
32Josh WeerdenburgNon SkipperJosh Weerdenburg
33Nick WeerdenburgNon SkipperNick Weerdenburg
34Kevin NicholasSkipperKevin Nicholas
35Gowi De JonghSkipperGowi De Jongh
36Jp SlabberNon SkipperJp Slabber
37J.P JordaanSkipperJ.P Jordaan
38Malcolm ShirleySkipperMalcolm Shirley
39Tony StopfordNon SkipperTony Stopford
40Warrick StopfordSkipperWarrick Stopford
41Stefan OberholzerNon SkipperStefan Oberholzer
42WillemNon SkipperWillem
43Reinhard LaggnerSkipperRichard Watson
44Nicky Van Der VliesNon SkipperNicky Van Der Vlies
46LorindaNon SkipperLorinda Van Wyk
47Rowan TimmerSkipperRowan Timmer
48Ryan TolmayNon SkipperRyan Tolmay
49Brian TimmerJuniorBrian Timmer
50Riaan AproskieNon SkipperRiaan Aproskie
51Guy PauletSkipperGuy Paulet
52Henko VermeulenNon SkipperHenko Vermeulen
53Basil ForbesJuniorBasil Forbes
54Jaco FourieNon SkipperJaco Fourie
55Mark WilkinsonNon SkipperMark Wilkinson
57Gert KuhnNon SkipperGert Kuhn
58Stefano FernandesNon SkipperStefano Fernandes
59Stevo MarshSkipperStevo Marsh
60Frederik (Frikkie) V D MerweNon SkipperFrederik (Frikkie) V D Merwe
61Max HafenSkipperMax Hafen
62Johan AlersSkipperJohan Alers
63Richard WatsonNon SkipperRichard Watson
64Donovan GreenwaySkipperDonovan Greenway
65Leon Van DijkNon SkipperLeon Van Dijk
66Ryan RafflesSkipperRyan Raffles
67Brian RafflesNon SkipperBrian Raffles
68Brenden GravenorNon SkipperBrenden Gravenor
69Martin La GrangeSkipperMartin La Grange
70Divan BothaNon SkipperDivan Botha
71Nicky GertseSkipperNicky Gertse
72Nichael LudickNon SkipperNichael Ludick
73Manoli EvlambiouNon SkipperManoli Evlambiou
74Nico Van ZylSkipperNico Van Zyl
75Steven RoemerSkipperSteven Roemer
76Hein OckhuisSkipperHein Ockhuis
77Andre ConradieSkipperAndre Conradie
78Zandre MyburghNon SkipperZandre Myburgh
79Nick BodeSkipperNick Bode
80Richard BrodrickNon SkipperRichard Brodrick
81Jason VorsterNon SkipperJason Vorster
83Louw ViljoenSkipperLouw Viljoen
84Johannes PostmaNon SkipperJohannes Postma
85Keith TaitSkipperKeith Tait
86John RhodesNon SkipperJohn Rhodes
87William RhodesJuniorWilliam Rhodes
88Edwin KoenSkipperEdwin Koen
89Eugene PetzerNon SkipperHennie Pienaar
90Eugene PetzerNon SkipperEugene Petzer
91Jamie FeldmanNon SkipperJamie Feldman
92Max FeldmanSkipperMax Feldman
93Ruan MaraisSkipperRuan Marais
94Johan Du PlessisSkipperJohan Du Plessis
95Tyler EkermansNon SkipperTyler Ekermans
96Riaan BotesSkipperRiaan Botes
97Andre AckermanSkipperAnde Ackerman P
98Adriaan VlokSkipperAdriaan Vlok
99James RobertsSkipperJames Roberts
100ethan elanJuniorethan elan
101Adriaan VlokNon SkipperAdriaan Vlok
102Otto MeyerNon SkipperOtto Meyer
103Wessel DelportNon SkipperWessel Delport
104Tielman LamprechtsNon SkipperTielman Lamprechts
105Rodger GrapenerNon SkipperRodger Grapener
106Braam StraussNon SkipperBraam Strauss
107Melanie SteynNon SkipperMelanie Steyn
108Francois SteynNon SkipperFrancois Steyn
109Leane SteynNon SkipperLeane Steyn
110Freddie SteynSkipperFreddie Steyn
111Peter BainSkipperPeter Bain
112Andrew GolesNon SkipperAndrew Goles
113Johan Van der WesthuizenNon SkipperJohan Van der Westhuizen
114Roy LiangSkipperRoy Liang
115Alta LaingNon SkipperAlta Laing
116Devlin richardsNon SkipperDevlin richards
117David EnticottNon SkipperDavid Enticott
118Johan Du ToitSkipperJohan Du Toit
119Ben Von AboNon SkipperBen Von Abo
120Roy Douglas HenryNon SkipperRoy Douglas Henry
121Richard BlairSkipperRichard Blair
122Jeanroux Laurens JuniorJeanroux Laurens
123Jason FraserSkipperJason Fraser
124Leanda ClaasenNon SkipperLeanda Claasen
125Dean De WetNon SkipperDean De Wet
126Morne Van NiekerkSkipperMorne Van Niekerk
127Eugen WepenerSkipperEugen Wepener
128MAriette WepenerNon SkipperMAriette Wepener
129Alfie NagelSkipperAlfie Nagel
130Eric GoodallNon SkipperEric Goodall
131Gert SeptemberNon SkipperGert September
132David MoutonSkipperDavid Mouton
133Christiaan BrandNon SkipperChristiaan Brand
134Nita MaraisNon SkipperNita Marais
135Craig VersfeldNon SkipperCraig Versfeld
136Jenna VersfeldNon SkipperJenna Versfeld
137Steven VersfeldSkipperSteven Versfeld
138Zola DakusaNon SkipperZola Dakusa
139Jodi GertseJuniorJodi Gertse
140Trevor LudickNon SkipperTrevor Ludick
141Anre de VilliersSkipperAnre de Villiers
142Duncan HoustonNon SkipperDuncan Houston
143James RobertSkipperJames Roberts
144Kirsten RobertsNon SkipperKirsten Roberts
145Ashlin NicholasNon SkipperAshlin Nicholas
146Blaze NicholasNon SkipperBlaze Nicholas
147Charl BurgerNon SkipperCharl Burger
148Nicholas BudNon SkipperNicholas Bud
149Ruan MaraisNon SkipperRuan Marais
150Kendra GreenwayJuniorKendra Greenway