SABAA Senior National Championships 2015 - Tzaneen

Tournament Details
NameSABAA Senior National Championships 2015 - Tzaneen
CountrySouth Africa
Number of Competitions1
How many Competitions will count1
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2020-02-23
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
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Tournament Information


Sunday the 7th August - Tournament registration:

We are asking that all anglers are present for the registration, please bring a colour copy of your passport.

Official tournament registration will take place at the Aquatic Sport Clubhouse, the registration will be held between 15:30 and 17:30. 

If there is an emergency and you have a problem with getting to the registration on time, please make prior arrangements and/or please use the contact list provided to inform the organizing committee of your request.

Captain’s meeting:

There will be a briefing from 17.45 to 18.15 AT THE Aquatic Sport Clubhouse by the tournament director and weigh master, where a full briefing on the tournament procedures and rules will be explained, this is to be attended by the Team Manager and Captain only.  

Monday 8th August - Practice day (Coffee and Rusks and 1 Bag of Ice per Boat will be provided at the Weigh Station):

Practice day will be run as if it were an official tournament day. Anglers will be on their respective pegs at a pre-determined time ready to have their safety equipment inspected, livewells checked and their tags handed to them.

Each of the respective flights (Red, Blue and Green) will leave one after the other at a time that will be presented to all anglers at the Captain’s meeting, and only then due to the time of the year, taking sun rise, mist etc. into consideration.

All flights will return to the weigh station at the same pre-determined time. (Red, Blue and Green). The time will be confirmed at the Captains briefing.  Please make sure that your tag is returned to the weigh station and placed on the tag board. 

Monday 8th August - Welcome function will be held at The Clanwilliam Lodge:

This will be held on Monday evening after practice day. Starting at 18h30 until late. There will be a full cash bar available. (The Clanwilliam Lodge is directly opposite De Kelder)

Tuesday 9th August – Scanning and prep day (No Ice is provisioned for this day):

The official scanning practice will take place from 08h00 to 14h00.  Boats will be checked, please ensure that no rods are on your deck or in your hatches. Each angler will be required to report to the Weigh Station for Inspection and collection of their respective disk. All anglers must return their disk to the tag board prior to the removal of their boat.

Wednesday 10 August 2016 - Friday 12 August 2016 (Coffee and Rusks and 1 Bag of Ice per Boat will be provided at the Weigh Station):

All anglers would have been allocated their numbers and put into the three flights (Red, Blue and Green) as per practice day. Your number and flight will remain constant throughout the tournament, all that differs will be your starting order and return, which will rotate each day.

As per the Captain’s meeting, launch and start times will be communicated to all anglers. Competitors will be able to launch at leisure in the morning prior to the start, i.e. the ramp will be open well before the cut off time, but please note, it is very important that all boats are to be on their respective jetties / pegs by the pre-determined time. Any anglers launching late, or for whatever reason are not on their peg, will be moved to the back of the field.

Live well inspection will be conducted once your boat is on the bank prior to the start of the day’s fishing. Once your live wells have been inspected, each angler will receive their tag.

Live Well Inspection

Area Closes: 06H15 (If not cleared into Start Area, boat will be sent to Holding Position and only be be Inspected & Released after Entire Main Field Start )

Start Times 

First Boat released @ 07h00, Safe Light, Visibility & Weather Permitting

Tournament Rules


Albeit that there will be a comprehensive briefing given at the captain’s meeting, please take note of the following:

  • The minimum length of a fish brought to the weigh station will be 300mm (0,5 penalty for undersize fish – the weight will not count but the fish will be counted towards the daily limit of 5)
  • The official measuring board will be available on practice day to check the length of your boards. 
  • The bag limit is 5 fish per day. 
  • The weigh station will be open from 07h00 to 17h30 each day. Anglers must take note that only 5 fish per angler per day will be weighed and no weighed fish can be replaced by another fish. 
  • A dead fish will not attract the bonus point and only its weight counts; Dead fish that are culled during the fishing session must be kept by the competitor and handed to the weigh master before you remove the 5 fish you actually want to weigh. 
  • A competitor may report a turning fish to the weigh master and he may weigh that fish only, ahead of the queue.
  • No fishing areas, and no wake zones will be indicated by the tournament director at the briefing
  • Strict adherence to the 30 metre rule will apply at all times, please ensure that good sportsmanship is applied at all times.

Please refer to the SABAA tournament rules that form part of your angler pack, these rules will apply at all times

During the competition days there will be only 1 competitor per boat for the duration of the event. The Reserves must be accommodated on one of the allotted Divisional Team Anglers Boats, for the practice days. No other persons may fish.

Each boat has its own numbered peg on the bank and must be parked exactly on that spot, PLEASE do not drive your boat half way up the bank, rather gently beach your boat, we have volunteers that will be pushing each boat off. 

Do not push your own boat off. The marshals will push off boats in the correct number order.

You will idle to and through the two buoys at low idle speed, further detail will be given at the briefing. 

When anglers return to the weigh station in their allocated flight time slots, it is the angler’s responsibility to ensure that their tag is on the board before the weigh master sounds the horn for that respective flights closure. Once your fish have been weighed, please could we ask that your boats are removed from the bank and taken off the water as soon as possible so that the next flight can repeat this process without creating congestion.  

There is ample space to remove your boat from the water and park within the designated area adjacent the Weigh Station and come down to the weigh station to watch other competitor’s weigh in, and at the same time enjoy a cold one!!


In the event of a dispute or transgression, a dispute committee will be in place and named before the tournament starts. This committee will consist of the tournament director, the weigh master and a SABBA member. 

A transgression / complaint forwarded to the committee on that same day will be accompanied by a R250.00 fee, which will be refunded if the offender is found guilty of the said offense. The angler in question will be notified of the hearing (time and place), and will be afforded the opportunity to comment or defend themselves, at the same time being accompanied by one of the following, their team captain or the team manager or an angler of their choice.

The outcome of the hearing will be final, and the committee’s decision will stand. • See rule 19 on page 8 in the SABAA  tournament rules


Organising Committee

WCBAA Craig Fraser 0825586970
Tournament Director Ian Versfeld 0828725909
Weigh Master Theo Messinis 0825586926
Weigh Master Assistant Ian Riddell 0829246974
Data Capturing Johan Landman 0828811533
Safety Officer/Safety Boat Ian Riddell 0829246974
Live Results  

Other Numbers

Hospital 0274822166/7
Ambulance 0274821547
Fire 0274821775
Police 10111 or 0274828181
Dr Herman Uys 0274822111
Dr Jas Strauss 0274821629
Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1
1Michael CannonNatalRookieMichael cannon
2Robert OlivierNatalRookieRobert Olivier
3Wayne Easton NatalRookieWAYNE EASTON
4Gerhard NortjeNatalAnglerGerhard Nortje
5Casper KnoetzeNatalAnglerCasper Knoetze
6Neels Beneke NatalAnglerNeels Beneke
7Ryan Rogers NatalRookieRyan Rogers
8Gareth Potgieter NatalRookieGareth Potgieter
9Louis van der Walt NatalRookieLouis Van Der Walt
10Shane EstranNatalAnglerShane Estran
11Rudi DreyerSouthernAnglerRudi Dreyer
12Justy VarkevisserSouthernAnglerJusty Varkevisser
13Charlton HewittSouthernAnglerCharlton Hewitt
14August LingnauSouthernAnglerAugust Lingnau
15Hugo Lerm SouthernRookieHugo Lerm
16Greg SchluepSouthernAnglerGreg Schluep
17Allan BakerSouthernAnglerAllan Baker
18Paul SchluepSouthernAnglerPaul Schluep
19Brian GibbsSouthernAnglerBrian Gibbs
20Tyron Mortimer SouthernRookieTyron Mortimer
21Guy PauletWesternAnglerGuy Paulet
22Rowan TimmerWesternAnglerRowan Timmer
23Alastair GrahamWesternAnglerAlastair graham
24Pierre vd MerweWesternAnglerPierre Vd Merwe
25Craig FraserWesternAnglerCraig Fraser
26Freddie SteynWesternAnglerFreddie Steyn
27Mark Wegerhoff WesternCome BackMark Wegerhoff
28Allan Ross-WattWesternAnglerAllan Ross-Watt
29Vincent De BoerWesternRookieVincent De Boer
30Ian Versfeld WesternAnglerIan Versfeld
31James ReaEasternAnglerJames Rea
32Adrian LuffEasternAnglerAdrian Luff
33Dirk CoxenEasternRookieDirk Coxen
34Brett EdmundsEasternAnglerBrett Edmunds
35Cyril SchwartzEasternAnglerCyril Schwartz
36Richard EldridgeEasternAnglerRichard Eldridge
37Colin TillEasternAnglerColin Till
38Dean SearleEasternAnglerDean Searle
39Andrew HolmesEasternCome BackAndrew Holmes
40Mario NelEasternAnglerMario Nel
41Wayne LouwNothernAnglerwayne louw
42Michael MattheeNothernAnglerMichael Matthee
43Jose Carlos SilvaNothernAnglerJose Carlos Silva
44Andrew HusgenNothernCome BackAndrew Husgen
45Kobus RetiefNothernAnglerKobus Retief
46Ulrich CoetzerNothernRookieUlrich Coetzer
47Marcio SilvaNothernRookiemarcio silva
48Charl EngelbrechtNothernCome BackCharl Engelbrecht
49Ruan WahlNothernAnglerRuan Wahl
50Cornel SmitNothernAnglerCornel Smit