SA Nasionale Klub Kampioenskappe Juniors – 2019

Tournament Information

Junior Nasionale Klub Kampioenskappe – 2019

Heartsease - Vaal Dam

Tournament Rules

SA National Club Championships (SANCC)

Proposed rules for participation


Herewith the proposed Rules for Participation in The SA National Club Championships (SANCC). (It is important to note that this is a club event and not an inter-Provincial event.)


1. The SANCC will be hosted annually on a rotational basis between all the Provinces participating in the event.  The rotation register is held by the National Senior Convenor of SAFBAF and circulated by the relevant Secretary.  Should a Province decide not to host the SANCC, the Province should indicate the fact timeously – 4 months prior to the event and the next Province on the rotation list will be afforded the opportunity to host.

2. The A league winners in all of the SAFBAF Affiliated Provinces will be allowed to participate in the SANCC.  Should a club not be in a position to participate, the Province may nominate any other club from their Province to represent the relevant Province.

3. The SANCC will be held annually in November at a suitable venue/s in Vaal Dam.

The Following Divisions will compete:

Masters – 9 Member Team

Seniors – 9 Member Team

Ladies – 7 Member Team

Under 19 – 7 Member Team

Under 13 – 7 Member Team

Divisions for Veterans, Under 23’s and Young Ladies can be considered in future.

4. The host Province will be responsible for all arrangements related to the SANCC including the following – extending of invitations, arranging of the medals, budgeting, officials for the day, booking of water, pegging of water, distribution of results

5. The event will be fished under the SAFBAF rules with the exceptions listed below.

6. The event is not a fundraising event for the host Province – a statement of costs should be drafted and reported through to the SAFBAF Treasurer.

7. Only members of the qualifying club are allowed to participate for the relevant club. The members participating should have competed for the Club during the previous two league seasons or should be a long-standing member of the club.  Clubs are requested to ensure that the relevant participants are affiliated PRIOR to the event.  An audit of the affiliations may be done if any club is deemed to have fielded non-affiliated participants and the results may be amended based on this audit.

8. The only exception to the SAFBAF rules is the age of participating junior anglers – due to the fact that the Clubs that qualify for the event may have qualified with juniors who have subsequently had a birthday and would no longer qualify, the junior categories, only for this event, will be moved on by 1 year, if applicable.  This leniency is granted only for the SANCC.  Practically this means that juniors under 20 and juniors under 14 may compete in the SANCC in the categories of under 19 and under 13 respectively.  The SAFBAF requirement in terms of age will be used – should not be 19 (20) or 13 (14) on the first day of the SA Championship.


Gauteng - Vaal HK