Giulio Nolli

Owner of Secret Baits
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Birthday18 September 1982
CountrySouth Africa  
Sponsors Lurecast, Ittys Secret Baits
LikesAll species
Bucket ListCatching GT's on Popper and Nembwe over 8lbs
Personal Best13.4lbs/6.1kgs
BIOOwner of Secret Baits
Top Five Rankings
20-2-22SABAA Free State 2021/2022 Regionals - Arabie Dam - Day22
16-6-21SABAA Inter-Provincials 2021 - ALBERT FALLS DAY 12
21-2-21SABAA Free State 2019/2020 Regionals - Witbank Dam - Day 22
12-3-22SABAA Free State 2021/2022 Regionals - Middelburg Dam - Day 13
19-2-22SABAA Free State 2021/2022 Regionals - Arabie Dam - Day 13
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