Gustav Muller

The Angler Info
Birthday08 January 1985
CountrySouth Africa  
LikesBass & Gamefish
Bucket List
Personal BestBass 4.34kg & Black Marlin 300kg
Top Five Rankings
Nico van TonderNo History for unregistered user
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Wiehann Raith
Birthday18 May 1987
CountrySouth Africa  
LikesWeightless flukes, Spro Frogs and top water. Mojo rig 
Bucket ListCatch my new pb on punching at roodekopies
Personal Best4.0kg Large mouth and 2.0kg Smallie

Been bass fishing since I was 5 years old ..... Most of the time at Groendal dam my pb smallie comes from Groendal. Never have I stopped loving this sport and will keep on doing it as long as possible.

I have fished Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana and will return again to fish them.

Never give up on your dreams , only look down on some one when you're helping them and always smile .

Favourite dams are Roodekopies dam , Groendal Dam, Kwena Dam Koster dam.

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