Tournament Attendance

Attendance is registered by either catching fish in a competition or when a Tag is allocated to the Angler on the day of the competition

Tournament Attendance for SABAA Free State 2019/2020 Regionals

1Paul SchluepFishFishFishFishFishFishTag Tag 8
2Paul LansdellFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
3Keith RudigerFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
4Charlton HewittFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
5Giulio NolliFishTag FishFishFishFishFishFish8
6Pierre TheronFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
7John ThompsonFishTag FishFishFishFishTag Fish8
8Johan AppelgreinFishFishFishFishFishFishFishTag 8
9Rob ScorgieFishTag FishFishFishFishFishTag 8
10Greg SchluepTag FishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
11Lee KaneFishFishTag No FishFishTag Tag 7
12Dave Van VughtTag FishTag No FishFishFishNo 6
13Jared OlsenFishFishTag FishFishFishNo No 6
14Jan Van ZylTag Tag No No FishFishFishTag 6
15Marco SalvatoriFishTag FishFishFishFishNo No 6
16Dean BarkerFishFishTag FishFishFishNo No 6
17Kevin HyemTag Tag FishFishFishFishNo No 6
18Neville RudigerTag Tag No No FishFishTag Tag 6
19Mike St.DareFishFishFishFishFishFishNo No 6
20Andrew TavaresFishFishFishTag FishFishNo No 6
21Jonathan Andrew HyemFishFishFishFishFishFishNo No 6
22Juan Du ToitFishFishFishFishFishFishNo No 6
23Jason RudigerFishTag No No No No No No 2
24Reece GeldardNo No No No No No No No 0
25Cian ConradieNo No No No No No No No 0
26Kirsten BrayNo No No No No No No No 0