Tournament Attendance

Attendance is registered by either catching fish in a competition or when a Tag is allocated to the Angler on the day of the competition

Tournament Attendance for SABAA LIMPOPO PROVINCIALS 2019-2021

1Wayne KurtenFishFishTag FishTag Tag FishTag 8
2Zack VersterFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
3Gerhard NortjeFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
4Reed EastmanFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
5Alexis KuisisFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
6Johnny VersterFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
7Stefan BadenhorstFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
8Lourens MatthysenFishFishFishFishFishFishFishNo 7
9Vanmelle NelFishFishFishFishNo No FishFish6
10Ulrich CoetzerFishFishFishFishFishFishNo No 6
11Tp ErasmusNo No FishFishFishFishFishFish6
12Ryan WiggintonNo No FishFishFishFishFishFish6
13Nichoals AdendorffNo No No No FishFishFishFish4
14Andreas KyriacoudesFishFishNo No FishFishNo No 4
15Atch Van SchalkwykFishFishFishFishNo No No No 4
16Justy VarkevisserNo No No No FishFishFishFish4
17Dave MatthysenNo No No No FishFishFishNo 3
18Rentia Coetzer No No Tag Tag No No No No 2
19Alisdair PioFishFishNo No No No No No 2
20Stef LordanNo No FishTag No No No No 2
21Stephen De PradinesNo No FishFishNo No No No 2
22Wayne EastmanNo No No No No No No No 0
23Alan KenneyNo No No No No No No No 0
24Louis JoubertNo No No No No No No No 0