Tournament Standings for TTT Test

Best 2 from 3 to count

PosNameNALeague200831201013201020201020201117BagFishPointsBig FishGivenResultCeded
1Anne LandmanEastern Cape99.000100.000 0.000100.000100.000125.90092205.400 5.000 0.000200.000100.00
2Lodi JonckWestern Province93.00099.000100.000 0.000 0.00080.00035115.000 2.000 0.000199.000 99.50
3David DobrikLimpopo100.00098.000 0.00099.00099.00018.2001731.200 0.000 0.000199.000 99.50
4Justin BieberEastern Cape95.00097.000 0.00097.00098.00014.8001223.200 0.000 0.000195.000 97.50
5Liza KoshyLimpopo94.00095.000 0.00098.00097.00012.6001122.000 0.000 0.000195.000 97.50
6Gina MarsicanoWestern Province96.00096.000 0.00096.00096.00017.600820.100 0.000 0.000192.000 96.00
7Minette MaritzNorthern Cape97.00094.000 0.000 0.00095.00012.000715.900 5.900 0.000192.000 96.00
8Selena GomezNorthern Cape98.00093.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 7.700512.700 0.000 0.000191.000 95.50
Meet Our Anglers
Martin Joubert
Birthday20 April 1971
CountrySouth Africa  
LikesBank Angling
Bucket Lista 10 plus KG Big Mouth Yellow in a river. 
Personal BestWinning a Medal at the World Fishing Games.
BIOI am a Disabled Angler that participate in Category 4 of the disabled bank angling facet. I also like to angle with and against able body anglers as my disability is of such a nature that I can angle without assistance of a helper. I only takes me a bit longer to land a fish as I need to manipulate the fish into a position for me to land the fish.
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Louw Fourie Entered AHV OOSRAND 6 MAART
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Kivalan Moodley Entered KZNCAU Pegged Shore Angling
Louis Jansen Van Rensburg Entered AHV OOSRAND 6 MAART
Nico Terreblanche Entered Vaal Hk Buurmans
Francois Fourie Entered Wesrand Polisie Club Competition
Janishka Steyn Entered Dagbreek Klub Komp - Biermans Links
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Andre De Klerk Entered KZNCAU Pegged Shore Angling
Charles Hammond Entered Vaal Hk Buurmans
Wayne Foord Family 4 Entered AHV OOSRAND 6 MAART
Vian Williams Entered AHV OOSRAND 6 MAART
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